Workplace easter celebrations are easy with decorations celebrating spring!

Deciding how to celebrate Easter with your employees? Consider the cultural, non-religious aspects of this springtime holiday that make it a fun occasion for everyone!
A workplace Easter celebration is still a great idea, regardless of employees’ religious affiliations, because it marks the beginning of spring and the sense of renewal and gratitude that accompany the new season.
Easter is followed by Easter Monday, a public holiday in some countries and celebrated by Christians worldwide with family gatherings, festive parades and special foods. Passover is another holiday the celebrates spring and depending on the Hebrew calendar, is often close to Easter.  The two holidays share more of a connection than just being close to one another on the calendar.  Both holidays emphasize hope and that is echoed in symbols like the egg.
In a diverse workplace where the majority of employees may not be Christian, it’s important to focus on the secular aspects of Easter and on celebrating employee accomplishments and your community.
Your workplace Easter celebration is also the perfect opportunity to recommit to your employee engagement resolutions for the year. Read on for tips!

Recommit to Engagement Resolutions

It’s likely that your team made New Year’s resolutions for better employee engagement… but that was months ago.
Now is the time to revisit those resolutions and evaluate them — what’s working, what’s not and what needs clarifying — and then recommit your company to a plan.
Next, communicate your renewed commitment to employees. Tell them why you value their contributions and that you are proud to have them on your team!
A fun, gratitude-filled workplace Easter celebration sends a positive message of appreciation to employees. It lets them know that your company is still committed to their happiness.
Prioritizing employee engagement is one of the top resolutions for employers to make this year, according to a Forbes article about the 10 resolutions HR departments should make.

“At the end of the year, companies are typically focused on meeting numeric goals, so some may forget about their most valuable resource — their employees,” shared Forbes Human Resources Council member John Feldman from Insperity.

Celebrate Spring Resilience and Renewal!

The spring holidays have many cultural and symbolic meanings that are appropriate to celebrate in the workplace, according to HR expert Meghan M. Biro. They’re “often tied to celebrations of changes in season, fertility rituals, feasts and so on.” They also roughly coincide with the spring equinox, when the sun tilts on its axis towards earth and the weather gets warmer.

Enliven your workplace Easter celebration with personal notes of gratitude.

gThankYou’s line of Easter- and Spring-themed Enclosure Cards are perfect for sharing workplace gratitude this season.

Regardless of religious affiliation, this is traditionally a time when we think of new life, beginning again and the promise of the season which can also include spring cleaning (a tradition with Nowruz, the Persian New Year which also occurs in spring).
You could use this opportunity to encourage staff to do a spring cleaning of their own work spaces or collaborate on some office clean-up and beautification projects.  This just might have a positive impact on moods and productivity.
Country singer Reba McEntire famously said that Easter is important to her because “it’s a second chance.”
At Easter we are given a chance to honor the hope and joy of the spring season.  Investing in employee resilience and celebrating growth at this time of the year makes perfect sense.

“Unlike computers, which require a single source of energy, human beings require four different kinds of energy — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual” to stay resilient, productive and happy, according to Tony Schwartz’s Dealbook column in the New York Times, “What Makes Employee Resilience Possible.”

Boost your employees’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health with a meaningful workplace Easter celebration — here are some ideas:

  • Bring in fresh flowers. A colorful bouquet will brighten your workplace after a long, drab winter!
  • Plant a flower bed together. Volunteer for a city beautification effort, or plant starters indoors and watch your garden grown together.
  • Host an Easter egg hunt for employees. Invite them to bring their kids, or make it adults-only — nobody’s too old to enjoy hunting for eggs!
  • Play an Easter-themed game or two.
  • Give out Easter baskets filled with chocolates, fresh fruit and gift certificates.

But the most important aspect of your workplace Easter celebration is clearly communicated gratitude.

It’s A Great Time to Share Employee Appreciation

Sincere appreciation is always valued, especially in the workplace.

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”
William James, American philosopher and psychologist

Take advantage of the joy and symbolism of the season – craft a Thank You note program! Have company leaders to write Thank You notes to employees, individually or by team. If Thank You note writing seems daunting, download gThankYou’s FREE guide, Writing Thank You Notes That Employees Will Treasure, and you’ll be writing inspired and meaning notes in no time!
Include the ThankYou notes in Easter baskets or hand them out at a spring employee appreciation party, accompanied by small spring-themed gifts.
Stay tuned to Celebrating Work for more tips on celebrating Easter in the workplace!
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