Employee want thanks and recognition.
It’s simple, really. What all employees really want is your thanks, recognition and support — and, if they’re dealing with Hurricane Sandy, for instance — a thoughtful, meaningful, practical gift.
Say thank you.
A study by the Corporate Executive Board shows compensation is not in the top 10 factors that make employees stay at your company — rather, they want to know their jobs matter. So say thank you. Show your appreciation for their hard work and contributions.
As an employee, it’s always nice to be recognized with a gift or award from the boss.
Small surprises and tokens of your appreciation during the holidays — and spread throughout the year — help the people in your work life feel valued.
Managers don’t always get it.
A recent study by the International Association of Administrative Professionals and OfficeTeam, a staffing company in Menlo Park, Calif., shows managers don’t always get it:

  •  Managers ranked promotions and cash bonuses as the two most effective ways of recognizing employee accomplishments.
  •  Workers preferred an in-person thank you or having a job well done reported to senior management.

Everybody wants to feel valued and appreciated — and that includes your employees. Recognition is among the top 10 things employees want from you, according to the CEB study.
Support employees during tough times.
Helping employees during a crisis shows them you respect them, their loyalty and their hard work on your company’s behalf, and they’ll repay you with their best work going forward.
In his article at  Business News Daily, “Employers Divided on Dealing With Sandy-Stricken Workers,” contributor Chad Brooks quotes Laura Kerekes, chief knowledge officer at ThinkHR Corporation:

“Deciding how to handle employees in times of a disaster usually comes down to both finances and the company’s culture.”

Those companies that pride themselves on a family-type atmosphere are the ones that generally go above and beyond for their employees in times of crisis, Brooks notes. But Kerekes says those companies tend to be the exception rather than the rule.
One of those exceptions is TechMediaNetwork, which had all 70 of its Manhattan-based employees affected by Hurricane Sandy.
As soon as the storm hit, company CEO Jerry Ropelato asked management to help employees in any way they could.

“It’s just basic human concern for our workers,” DeLonie Call, chief people officer, told Business News Daily. “We have the resources and don’t want our employees to struggle if they don’t have to.”

The company offered employees reimbursements for everything from meals and cellphone charges to gym pass memberships (so they could take a hot shower) and hotel stays.
Brooks also quotes human resources consultant Paul Hilton, who says the steps companies take during a disaster like Hurricane Sandy can have long-lasting ramifications:

 “If you take a hard line, the employees are going to come back [and] do what they need to do to keep their jobs, but they’re also going to be looking for a new job. It’s a shortsighted approach.”

Human resources consultant and Strategic HR, Inc. president Robin Throckmorton observes that showing compassion in difficult times can help businesses’ bottom lines in the long run.
Gifts motivate employees to work harder.
Robert Bradford, president and CEO of CSSP, Inc., writes on his website:

 “Rewards — whether monetary or not — for performance that’s consistent with your strategies are extremely powerful tools for creating alignment between your employees’ motivations and the strategic direction of the company.

Give creative, meaningful, convenient gifts for the holidays
And what better time to reward your employees than during the holidays?
A blog post at TargetMarketing.com advises: Almost everyone appreciates gifts of food. Holiday turkeys consistently fall in the top of the best employee gifts list in the “food as family perk” category.
Inc. Magazine contributor Sara Hottman writes:

 “While every employee enjoys a cash gift, business owners say creative gifts earn more bang for the buck. Gift cards to local businesses can make good employee gifts at the holidays, as long as you choose the right business.”

Gift cards or certificates are meaningful and convenient.
Gift cards or certificates that allow employees to choose where they shop and what they buy may even be a better idea. A gThankYou.com gift certificate of gratitude for a holiday turkey or ham is the ideal way to thank and recognize employees.

  •  It’s convenient: Employees can use them at any store, for any brand of turkey or ham in the size that fits their families, and can shop anytime.
  •  It’s meaningful: What says “Happy holidays!” better than providing the foundation of employees’ holiday meals?
  •  It keeps your company front and center: You’re top of mind at the holiday table as employees and their families enjoy the meal your gift made possible.

Give back to your employees at the holidays.
As Society of Human Resource Management member and human resources expert Susan Heathfield notes:

“Frequently saying thank you goes a long way. Monetary rewards, bonuses and gifts make the thank you even more appreciated.”

We agree. Make your employees’ holidays happy and they’ll reward you with engagement and productivity.
What creative holiday gifts will you give your employees?
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