The Ultimate Employee Gift-Giving Guide

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gThankYou’s new, updated Ultimate Employee Gift-Giving Guide has fresh case studies, more resources and the latest research in HR management – the perfect resource for planning holiday employee gift-giving and recognition efforts for the new year.
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Originally released in 2013, our popular Gift-Giving Guide has been updated with new insights to fit the rapidly changing landscape of employee rewards and recognition.
Our Ultimate Employee Gift-Giving Guide isn’t called “ultimate” for nothing! It has practical tips for choosing and sharing employee gifts, but it also includes in-depth tutorials in creating an overall workplace culture of appreciation.
Ultimately, understanding appreciation and how to apply it in the workplace is the first step to sharing meaningful gifts with employees. It’s the foundation for a happy, productive and loyal workforce.
Gratitude as a management technique is finally getting the research and attention it deserves.
“The practice of gratitude — and its close sibling, appreciation — has started to infiltrate workplaces,” according to a recent HuffPost article from the Greater Good Science Center.
Much of this gratitude research is just from the past few years, so we’ve added it to our updated Ultimate Employee Gift-Giving Guide.
“Building on — and even getting out in front of — the existing research on gratitude at work” is crucial, according to the Greater Good Science Center. Reports from early adopters of gratitude research insights “suggest that building cultures of gratitude and appreciation can transform our work lives, leading to deeper connections to each other and to the work we’re doing.”

Sneak Peek at gThankYou’s NEW Employee Gift-Giving Guide

The new gThankYou Ultimate Guide to Employee Gift-Giving is here just in time for the holidays! By the numbers:

  • 37 pages (we said “ultimate” didn’t we?)
  • 19 quick insights from researchers or top industry thinkers
  • 13 inspiring case studies from a variety of industries
  • 10 reasons gift cards and gift certificates are an evergreen favorite
  • 6 gift categories to avoid
  • 5 ways employee appreciation is good for business
  • 3 questions to help you define recognition goals
  • 2 roles managers must take on to build a culture of appreciation

… not to mention dozens of research studies, practical real-life examples and illuminating quotes from appreciation experts.
The Employee Gift-Giving Guide covers everything you need to know, along with links to further information and research. Here’s a quick overview:

Chapter 1: Why It’s Important

Employee appreciation may be the “soft” side of HR but it has real consequences that can make or break a business. As the search for skilled workers intensifies and job opportunities increase, fewer employees are content to stay with employers that don’t meet their needs for recognition and fulfillment.

Chapter 2: What’s In It for You?

By now you’ve probably heard appreciation and engagement yield happier, more satisfied employees. But why, and what’s in it for your company? Learn how a better workplace culture affects business on individual and organizational levels.

Chapter 3: How to Do It Right

Appreciation and gift-giving are not “one size fits all.” Your company is unique — it has unique customers, unique services or products, unique employees and a unique culture. Learn the right questions to ask to develop the right recognition and rewards strategy for your company.

Chapter 4: Best Employee Gifts

What do employees really want? The answer may not be what you expect.

Chapter 5: Avoiding Potential Pitfalls

Certain gift-giving practices or situations are fraught with peril. Learn from experts (and bosses who learned the hard way!) how to navigate gift-giving challenges.

Chapter 6: Great Examples of Employee Gift-Giving

In the end, actions speak louder than advice and research stats! Be inspired by these stories of companies with proven rewards and recognition practices.

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