Celebrate National Doughnut Day in your workplace!

Show your employee appreciation today by celebrating National Doughnut Day in your workplace! (Photo via Salvation Army West, Flickr)

Show your employee appreciation by celebrating National Doughnut Day in your workplace!
Doughnuts are a treat everyone can enjoy — all ages, and from vegans to meat-lovers — so kick off your summer employee appreciation calendar by sharing doughnuts with your whole staff for a fun, tasty break.
National Doughnut Day was started by the Salvation Army in 1938 to pay tribute to the selfless spirit of the “doughnut lassies” who cared for American soldiers in Europe during World War I. Tasked with lifting soldier spirits far from home, these Salvation Army volunteers decided to serve them doughnuts and coffee.
The doughnuts were an instant hit with soldiers. One volunteer wrote of a busy day: “Today I made 22 pies, 300 doughnuts, 700 cups of coffee.”
The Salvation Army continues to celebrate National Doughnut Day as a way to raise money and awareness for its social services. Lucky us — celebrating is as easy as enjoying doughnuts together!
Read on to get inspired for your workplace National Doughnut Day celebration and to find out why holidays like National Doughnut Day are so important to an effective employee appreciation program.

Today’s Easy Employee Appreciation Gift: Doughnuts!

9 Awesome Doughnuts to Eat on National Doughnut Day

There’s a doughnut to please every taste! Order from your favorite shop (many are giving away doughnuts free on National Doughnut Day), or if you’re feeling ambitious, try making your own.
1. Vegan S’Mores Doughnuts
One of many vegan options for doughnuts, these look just like regular glazed doughnuts but they’re prepared with alternative ingredients for milk and eggs.
2. Gluten-Free Doughnuts
Folks who eat gluten-free or even Paleo can still enjoy doughnuts! Urban Tastebud has a roundup of 21 gluten-free (and even Paleo) flavor varieties, including blueberry, peach buttermilk, chocolate peanut butter pretzel and key lime.
3. Loaded Maple Bacon Fries
These are as sweet as it gets, but modeled after the savory Canadian treat poutine: doughnut “fries,” brown butter maple glaze, hot fudge sauce and crumbled bacon.
4. The Dead Elvis
Inspired by Elvis’ favorite sandwich, the Dead Elvis is custard-filled doughnut with peanut butter, bacon, bananas and jelly, served at the legendary Psycho Donuts shop in San Jose, CA.

Consider a Cronut for National Doughnut Day.

A cronut. (Photo via Bethany Khan, Flickr)

5. Cronut
It’s half croissant, half doughnut! You can find it in the permanent collection at Dominique Ansel Bakery. Grub Street describes what goes into a cronut: “Pastry dough that’s been sheeted, laminated, proofed, then fried like a doughnut and rolled in flavored sugar, [then] filled with a not-so-sweet Tahitian vanilla cream, given a fresh coat of rose glaze and bedazzled with rose sugar.” Yum.
6. Texas-Sized
This giant two-pound doughnut from the Texas shop Round Rock Donuts is perfect for sharing with the whole office!
7. Cotton Candy Dough-La-Mode
District Donuts in New Orleans a rainbow-colored doughnut, topped by a poof of cotton candy and filled with cotton candy ice cream.
8. Savory Doughnuts
From mac-n-cheese to kale and sundried tomato, there are even savory options for doughnuts.
9. Apple Fritters
The all-American favorite: fresh apples and cinnamon folded into rich yeasted doughnut dough!

Why National Doughnut Day Is Perfect for Employee Appreciation

To be sustainable and effective all year, employee appreciation programs need to incorporate regular and frequent recognition.
A once-a-year awards dinner at the winter holidays will be ancient history by June.
Low-key, fun celebrations like National Doughnut Day are a chance to recognize small wins and the day in, day out hard work employees are putting in. It can be as simple as bringing in a dozen doughnuts for your morning meeting, or taking out your team to a local shop to try some unique doughnut flavors.
However you celebrate, be sure you’re talking about the reason for the treats: your appreciation. Be as specific as possible with your gratitude. Maybe the night shift is making record-breaking time on a routine task, or your team has kept up great spirits and worked hard despite several recent setbacks — reward them with doughnuts!
Ideally, employee appreciation should be a daily occurrence, and the more prepared you are, the better.
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