Weirdest Ice Cream Topping? How about popcorn?
What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten on top of your ice cream? How about buttered popcorn?
The best thing about ice cream is the countless ways there are to serve it. It’s the ultimate customizable treat with toppings, mix-ins and variations to please everyone.
What's your favorite ice cream topping?But what’s the top ice cream topping? According to WiseGeek, hot fudge, caramel and butterscotch sauces are the most popular, with strawberry sauce and maple syrup following. My favorite, particularly with a bowl of quality vanilla, is homemade rhubarb sauce.
There’s so much more than sauce, categorized like this:  fruits, candies, nuts and other fun other stuff — think sprinkles and whipped cream.
Some of the more unusual toppings listed by Quazen include warmed peanut butter, chocolate-covered coffee beans, green tea and canned pumpkin. I still say the most odd has got to be buttered popcorn. (I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried this – doesn’t the topping get mushy?) Says Quazen:

“Ooooo, gross! Nope. Give it a try. Microwave some buttered popcorn, then sprinkle a handful on top of a bowl of vanilla ice cream (or any choice of your own). It’s fantastic, with a nice mix of sweet and salty.”

If you need new topping ideas find them at Good Housekeeping! And if you like from-scratch, try this recipe for toffee sauce from Add texture with this Graham Cracker Crunch topping recipe from All Recipes.
Ready for an ice cream party? Why not share some of these crazy concoctions with colleagues and have fun scoring favorite winners (and loosers). Not a bad way to take a break and get to know your co-workers better!

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