Thank your employees this Labor Day with gThankYou!

Open for business on Labor Day? Reward employees with a company picnic!

Working on Labor Day? Thank your employees! After all, not only are they working while most people have the day off, they do their best for you all year.  If your workplace is closed for the holidays, plan ahead to share your Labor Day appreciation.

Labor Day is a perfect opportunity to recognize your hardworking staff’s achievements. Ensure that employees feel appreciated, inspired to be more productive, and more loyal. When you share your appreciation with workers, you build morale and improve employee retention.

If you’re closed on Labor Day, there’s still time to give employees a shoutout beforehand and wish them a happy holiday!

In “Make Every Day Labor Day with 3 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Employees,” ZenPayroll’s head of inbound marketing David Cheng suggests three ways to thank your employees who have to work on Labor Day. Or any day, really.

  1. Provide a free meal—Start Labor Day right! Bring in bagels, cream cheese, and coffee, or order a picnic lunch and set up tables outside. An afternoon ice cream social is also nice. Nothing says Thank You like free food!
  2. Give a gift certificate—Surprise your employees with a gift certificate at their work stations on Monday morning. It doesn’t have to be expensive—you can thank your employees with a gift certificate for ice cream or pizza that they can enjoy with their families. 
  3. Write personal notes—Thank your employees with a simple but sincere note that says you value their contributions, especially when working on a holiday.

Cheng references business psychologist Dr. Larina Kase, author of The Confident Leaderwho reminds us that,

“Money can make employees unhappy if they’re not sufficiently compensated, but it has not been shown to lead to motivation, satisfaction or performance.”

A personal touch can accomplish that. You might even combine the note with an affordable gift certificate! In “Extend Labor Day Greetings to Employees,” Write Express provides templates you can use to thank your employees with a holiday note.

If your business is closed, check out Insurance Partners of Kansas‘s suggestions and resources in Ways to Acknowledge Your Employees on Labor Day,”

  • Use social media—While employees celebrate Labor Day, schedule Tweets to announce exceptional performers’ individual accomplishments. Thank your employees on Facebook with praise for all.
  • Mail handwritten notes—Send them to employee’s homes just before Labor Day. It’s a lot more personal than an email.
  • Throw a party—Schedule a celebration at a local park! Invite employees and their families—be clear that attendance is voluntary—and either cater lunch or ask participants to bring a treat to share. Be sure to take pictures and upload them to social media!
  • Allow flexible hours—Just before Labor Day, announce that workers can take a half day before or after the holiday—for travel, or just for family and friends time—and make up the hours another day. Thank your employees by showing how much you respect their busy lives and work/life balance.

This Labor Day, celebrate your employees.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot to make employees feel valued and appreciated. And even small gestures of gratitude can yield a stronger, more motivated workforce.

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The Top 20 Employee Engagement Blogs You Should Be Reading

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