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A smile is the easiest, fastest way to spread gratitude on World Kindness Day, or any day. (Photo via Rohit Gowaikar, Flickr)

Random acts of kindness shouldn’t need a reason, explanation or holiday, but in today’s fast-paced workplace, we could all use a reminder to be kinder.
We get that little nudge to be kinder with World Kindness Day, held annually on Nov. 13.
World Kindness Day evolved from a series of conferences in the 1990s in Japan by a group that grew to be known internationally as the World Kindness Movement. Since then, the group has gone global and is working to promote kindness from Italy to South Korea.
The World Kindness Movement partners with the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation to spread and promote kindness, gratitude, and joy wherever and whenever it can.
This year, in honor of World Kindness Day, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has some fun ideas for how to celebrate.
Read on to find out how to make your workplace “party central” on World Kindness Day.

1. Keep it simple

Random acts of kindness don’t need to be profound. You don’t need to spend half your day coming up with the perfect thing to say, do, or give.
You don’t need to be in the “right” mood to be kind, either. In fact, the best way to turn around a lousy day is to do something nice for someone else.
The key is to act. Keep your acts of kindness simple and don’t overthink it. You might buy your coworker a doughnut, cover parking fees for the car behind you at the ramp, go out of your way to compliment a stranger or take your neighbor’s dog for walk.

2. Encourage managers to be role models

Employees follow supervisors’ cue, so encourage your managers to take the lead in sharing random acts of kindness.
Take the pressure off your managers and make it easy for them to find activity ideas. The World Kindness Foundation has a handy list of hundreds of kindness ideas. You can even filter the list by time investment, cost and category.
Find plenty of other resources at the World Kindness Foundation website, like concept posters (in English and in Spanish) and downloadable calendars that feature an idea-a-day for practicing random acts of kindness throughout the year.
[Tweet “”Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of human change.” — Bob Kerrey”]

3. Be kind together

Make your random acts of kindness a group effort. Organize employees to volunteer together, whether for a charity or to spread kindness to a fellow coworker in need.

Or be even more random: put together a flash mob dance like these people did in Red Bank, New Jersey. Be secret agents for kindness!

4. Go social! #MakeKindnessTheNorm

Be inspired! Share anecdotes of the random acts of kindness in your workplace on social media to inspire others and spread the word about World Kindness Day.
Each year, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation promotes a theme. Recently they promoted a monster theme for World Kindness Day.

gThankYou Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

KaBAAM and KaBOOM, the superheroes of Kindlyvilleopolis (Image via the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation)

Here’s how it works:
a) Download, print and construct your colorful kindness superheroes
b) Surprise your friends and coworkers. Leave the paper monsters at the scenes of your random acts of kindness, and snap a photo.
c) Share the photo on social media with the hashtag #ShareAMonster.
However you choose to celebrate World Kindness Day, relax and have fun with it! You’ll be surprised on even the smallest act of kindness, like a smile, can spark gratitude and start a trend at your workplace.
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