A thoughtful thank you gift is the perfect way to show employees, vendors, and even customers that you care.  Who doesn’t like to be surprised with a gesture of gratitude? Add a heartfelt card of  “thanks” and your recipients will be sure to remember your appreciation.

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Saying “Thank You” is easy, meaningful, and affordable!

Rather than shop for a memento they’ll put on a shelf (if you’re lucky), or selecting logo wear they are unlikely to use, consider choosing a gift certificate that lets recipients choose a gift they actually want, from any store, anytime.
In Entrepreneur article 10 Ways to Say Thank You,” writer Kara Ohngren names the virtues of expressing your thanks. 

“It’s amazing how far a simple ‘thank you’ can go. Research shows that customers spend more, employees accomplish more, and vendors are more likely to pay on time, if they’re thanked regularly.”

A business thank you gift certificate is a simple, effective way to do just that!

 let them choose the gift they want

Gift certificates and gift cards save you time and money, according to TIME reporter and producer Jacob Davidson. In his satirical article “Why Gift Cards Are the Only Present That Makes Sense,” Davidson asks:

“How will your friends know you really care about them if you don’t give them something special? It’s this fear that drives people to spend an average of 14 hours shopping for gifts. That’s more than half a day of your life spent stressing out, and for what?

‘I got you a Star Wars ice cube tray because I know you like Star Wars (just like everyone else on the planet). I’m a real friend.'”

He admits the sometimes-absurd in finding gifts and redirects our attention to a classic story by  O. Henry. In “The Gift of the Magi,” an impoverished couple set out to buy each other gifts. The wife manages to scrape together $20 by selling her long, beautiful hair. She uses the money to buy a chain for an old pocket watch (her husband’s only possession). Unbeknownst to her, her husband trades his watch to buy his wife decorated hair combs. In the end, neither of them have something of value.

Davidson jokes that we shouldn’t get grey hairs over choosing the “perfect gift.” Instead of stressing out, just give a business thank you gift certificate and accompany it with a kind, handwritten note.

Business Thank You Gift Certificates by gThankYou!

gThankYou! offers Gift Certificates for practical food items that are good for any brand, at any major grocer!

“That’s almost guaranteed to go over better than anything else you could give,” Davidson writes.

Senior editor for U.S. News Money Kimberly Palmer agrees. In “Why Gift Cards Make the Best Presents,” she notes that the total gift card/gift certificate market has topped an estimated $29.8 billion annually. And with good reason!

make it meaningful

When you give business thank you gifts, do it right. Prior’s article quotes social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk, author of The Thank You Economy:

“We’re living in what I like to call the ‘Thank You Economy,’ because only the companies that can figure out how to mind their manners in a very old-fashioned way—and do it authentically—are going to have a prayer of competing.” 

Here are just a few of the ways Prior recommends you give people business gifts:

Be Specific—Focus your gratitude on what the employee actually did. Rather than saying, “Thanks for your good work,” be specific! Say, “Thanks for staying late last night to close that deal—your dedication will really help the company grow.”
Do It Old School—Taking the time to write a thoughtful note indicates a deeper level of appreciation than simply dashing off a short email or text.
Be Authentic—If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. Your employees will know right away if a thank you is genuine or not. If you go around thanking everyone for every tiny thing, it won’t mean much when it’s actually warranted.
Don’t Forget the Little Guy—Give thanks to the often-overlooked crew that helps your business run smoothly. Leave a thank you note and gift certificate for the trash collector, the postal carrier, or the UPS deliverer.
Thank Your Complaining Customers—They’re going out of their way to tell you why they’re dissatisfied. This generally means they still want to do business with you, assuming you’re able to fix the problem. When a customer complains, thank them first for their business, then explain how you will make things right and offer a free gift certificate.

It’s easy, affordable, and convenient

A business thank you gift certificate lets you show your constituents, be they employees, vendors, or customers, how much you value them. And, it let’s you thank them with the gift they value most, because it’s their choice.

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