Sharing appreciation is sweet on National Doughnut Day!

Grab a doughnut! National Doughnut Day is the sweetest way to show employee appreciation. (Photo via Edwin Tee, Flickr)

Sharing appreciation couldn’t be sweeter — share a doughnut today with colleagues, customers and friends! It’s National Doughnut Day — always the first Friday of June.
There’s a doughnut for everybody. Doughnuts are the most “craveable” treat in America.
Give your employee appreciation program a little boost to kick off the summer season — bring in doughnuts to share with your team.
Or turn the day into a fun opportunity for community outreach. Doughnut shops like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts always give away freebies on National Doughnut Day, so why not bring the celebration to those who are homebound and hand out doughnuts with your team at a local nursing home?
Be sure to post photos of your celebration to company social media accounts using the hashtags #NationalDoughnutDay and #GivingIsSweet.
Not that we need a reason to celebrate National Doughnut Day, but it turns out that among the unofficial food holidays we love, it’s “one of the more legitimate food holidays out there.”
The history behind National Doughnut Day is pretty interesting, too.

Sharing Appreciation is at the Heart of National Doughnut Day

The history of National Doughnut Day dates back 100 years, and it all got its start as a way to show appreciation.
In 1917, The Salvation Army began a mission to provide spiritual and emotional support for U.S. soldiers fighting in France during World War I. About 250 volunteers traveled overseas and set up small huts located near the front lines where they could give soldiers clothes, supplies and, of course, baked goods.

Appreciation with doughnuts started with the Salvation Army.

A platter of doughnuts is the sweetest way to show appreciation! (Photo via Salvation Army USA West, Flickr)

Demoralized and homesick soldiers started arriving at the huts seeking comfort. It had been raining steadily for 36 days straight.
Using the few rations they had available to them, the volunteers began frying doughnuts in pans (or even in soldiers’ helmets when nothing else was available). The aroma of the frying doughnuts drew soldiers to the huts and reminded them of home.
And that’s how the Salvation Army’s “Doughnut Lassies” were born. These volunteers continued to serve along the front lines during WWI and WWII, giving soldiers free coffee and doughnuts.
Doughnuts “were not the reason Salvation Army workers were in the fighting zones of France,” according to a Salvation Army history.
But the doughnut became a symbol for the appreciation, comfort and support the soldiers needed then.
Now, the doughnut “serves as a symbol of the comfort that The Salvation Army provides to those in need through its many social services programs.” The charity still serves doughnuts, in addition to warm meals and hydration, to those in need during times of disaster.
A century after the Doughnut Lassies got their start, doughnuts are still a heartwarming treat that spreads delight and good cheer. Brighten your workplace this National Doughnut Day with an employee appreciation treat everyone will love!

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“In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day — or to celebrate each special day.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru, coach and author

Here’s to a happier workplace in 2017!

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