How does YOUR business express workplace kindness?

“Join the Conspiracy of Kindness”. Rock workplace kindness all year-long! Photo via Wade M, Flickr.

The month of February hosts Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week — we hope you enjoyed our posts about the power of workplace kindness and how to celebrate it!

The great thing about kindness is that it’s contagious, bringing a wave of good feelings to those who give, receive and even observe it. Once you see the positive impact in your workplace, you’ll want to make kindness part of the fabric of your everyday culture. It’s no wonder it’s one of the latest HR trends!
To help build an everyday culture of appreciation and gratitude, gThankYou offers a free Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar.  This one-of-a-kind eBook is full of how-to recognition advice, month-to-month celebration guides, inspiring case studies, current research and expert insights into building a sustained culture of appreciation. In short, all the information you need to rock #RAK year-round!

Want to keep the kindness conspiracy going? Read on and download your free “how-to” guide today!

Why We Love #RAK In The Workplace!

  1. It makes us better people.
    An unexpected gesture of kindness lifts us out of our self-focus—and away from our computers and smartphones.
  2. It has awesome ROI.
    A simple smile can help start conversations and build relationships, notes Business Networking Academy’s “How Kindness Can Build Business Relationships.”
  3. It’s healthy and contagious! Random acts of kindness don’t just benefit the receiver – they also boost the giver’s mental and physical health and inspire those who observe the act of kindness. Enjoy Priya Advani’s blog “How Random Acts of Kindness Can Benefit Your Health,”.
  4. It’s teachable.  Leading researchers at UW Madison are finding compassion and kindness are teachable. It’s like a muscle training – the more we exercise compassion and kindness, the stronger those skills are.
  5. Best of all, kindness only takes a moment.

Is Workplace Kindness Part of Your Company’s Culture?

Check out these “5 Signs of a Kind Workplace” from our eBook to find out!

  1. Ideas, interests and compassion spark conversations, not gossip and criticism.
  2. New hires feel welcomed, included and wanted.
  3. Leaders focus on unique strengths instead of trying to “fix” perceived weaknesses.
  4. Company culture supports individual self-care practices, such as staying active and finding work-life balance.
  5. Leadership sets the workplace tone and is diligent about keeping it positive.

“No Act of Kindness is Ever Wasted” — Aesop

Sharing kindness is inexpensive, easy and always appreciated. Building a workplace culture of kindness, appreciation and gratitude takes some thoughtful planning and nurturing, but the benefits in employee health, happiness, productivity and loyalty are well worth it.
Be inspired! Join the kindness conspiracy today and download your free “how-to” guide by clicking the image below.
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