Plan now for your Thanksgiving employee holiday giftsYikes…summer flew by and it seems that we’re careening into fall.  Now that we’ve cleared the hurdles of Back to School and Labor Day and are about to switch thermostats from cool to heat, wouldn’t it be a relief to actually be able to check something important off of your to do list?
If the speed in which the seasons are changing is any indication, the holidays will be upon us soon and things will only get more intense as the fourth quarter approaches.

Employee Holiday Gifts – Planning Now Is The Smart Strategy

By planning ahead, your own holidays may just be a bit brighter and less stressful.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend time with your own family and friends without the worry looming that you haven’t completed your employee holiday gift purchasing?
Perhaps you’ll even be able to slow down enough to curl up with a blanket and a book about hygee, the Scandinavian pursuit of coziness and the celebrating life’s simple pleasures.

Why Gifting a Turkey Is Always Appropriate and Appreciated 

10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays DownloadGratitude seems to be a trending topic these days, but showing appreciation and giving thanks is certainly not a new concept – we just seem to be learning more about the benefits.
A turkey is the quintessential symbol of our national holiday that celebrates the tradition and importance of thankfulness.  It’s place at the center of the table where family and friends gather makes it a significant and meaningful representation of the appreciation you have for your employees.
The gift of a turkey for Thanksgiving has been a traditional business gift for over a century.  It’s valued and appreciated by everyone.
Read more about why turkey makes an ideal employee gift at the holidays.

Here to Help

The team at gThankYou can make employee holiday gift giving as smooth as possible.  gThankYou offers Turkey Gift Certificates good for any brand of whole turkey and redeemable at most major grocery store chains in the U.S.
If you haven’t ordered turkey gift vouchers before, relax, it’s easy!  Order online or by phone. Most orders ship the same day too.
No need for messy and complicated logistics with a frozen turkey gift.  Management can still hand out your turkey gifts personally and recipients will love the opportunity to purchase the size, brand and preparation of turkey that’s best for their family.
Not sure whether a turkey gift certificate is right for your business or confused about the difference between a turkey gift certificate vs. gift cards and gift checks? You’ll find answers from gThankYou in this article.

Wrap Your Gift in Gratitude

Your employee holiday gifts deserve a personal thank you card!
All you need to do is add the gratitude for your employees’ contributions throughout the past year.
Write a holiday letter to employees…see examples of letters and learn from real workplace leaders in gThankYou’s free ebook.
Or take advantage of our FREE gift Enclosure Cards to share your personal message of holiday thanks along with a company logo or management signature. We are happy to send you a proof to share with management and then include it with your order. Easy, meaningful employee holiday gifts that take the stress out of gift-giving.

Don’t Procrastinate

While it’s human nature to procrastinate, let gThankYou help you appreciate your deserving workforce this holiday season.  gThankYou offers speedy order fulfillment, but your pre-holiday burdens will be lightened when you plan ahead and order soon.
For more tips on great employee gift-giving, download this free guide and be an office hero!

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