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National Pie Day is Tuesday, Jan. 23! Share a pie with gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificates to celebrate. (Photo via Dave Herholz, Flickr)

The Official National Pie Day is Jan. 23. It’s the perfect opportunity to start off the year right with a sweet “Thank You” gift for staff or customers: gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificates.
Pie Gift Certificates from gThankYou are good for any brand of pie, cake, cheesecake or similar items — fresh from the bakery section or frozen. Recipients redeem their Pie Certificates at major grocery store nationwide.
Coincidentally, January is National Thank You Monthand nothing says “Thank You” like pie.
Pie is the traditional all-American treat, “as American as apple pie.” We share pies at the holidays, on picnics, at parties and as a special treat. Besides being a delicious indulgence, pie means something. Making a pie is a labor of love. Pie symbolizes togetherness, love, comfort and family. Pie has healing powers. And, everyone loves pie! It’s a thoughtful gift that is appreciated by all.
National Pie Day isn’t your only chance coming up to enjoy and share pie — National Pi Day, a celebration of the mathematical constant π, or “pi,” is Wednesday, March 14. (It’s a math celebration, but mathematicians love pie too!)
There’s a pie for everyone! Don’t believe us? Read on for delectable examples of how gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificates can be redeemed.

30 Mouthwatering Ways to Redeem Pie Gift Certificates on National Pie Day

Share your appreciation with a custom thank you card and a Pie Gift Certificate from gThankYou

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Nothing beats a good apple pie, basic cheesecake or slice of birthday cake — and yes, all of those qualify as treats that can be redeemed with a gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificate.
But why not discover a new pie or cake? Here’s a list to get you started …
1. Banana Cream Pie — Another American classic, made with a rich custard of milk, cream, flour and eggs and combined with sliced bananas in a pastry or graham crumb crust. Yum!
2. Banoffee Pie — An English twist on the Banana Cream Pie. This one’s made with bananas, toffee and cream.
3. Angel Food Cake — A basic spongy cake that’s perfect for soaking up a topping of fresh fruit, syrup or liqueur, and whipped cream.
4. Bumbleberry Pie — A sweet fruit pie, originally from Canada, that combines blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. The taste of summer!
5. Banana Bread — Really more of a cake than a bread, it’s perfect warm, by the slice and slathered in a little butter.
6. Black Forest Cake — A rich chocolate cake from Germany studded with cherries and kirsch brandy.
7. Buttermilk Pie — A staple among Southern desserts, this custard pie is made with sugar, butter, eggs, flour, and for a little sour twist, fresh buttermilk.
8. Cherry Pie — Best made with lots of tart cherries to balance the sweetness and served with a dollop of whipped cream.
9. Key Lime Pie — Made with the juice of extra-sour Key limes, egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk for a creamy treat.
10. Carrot Cake — Lots of shredded carrots make this a moist cake. Perfect with a layer of sour cream frosting.
11. Coffee Cake — A dense cake folded with lots of cinnamon.
12. Cupcakes — Any cake can be made into a portable, single-serving cupcake piled high with frosting!
13. Mississippi Mud Pie — A crumbly chocolate crust with a gooey chocolate filling. Great with ice cream.
14. Fig Cake — An Egyptian-style cake made with figs as the primary sweet ingredient.
15. Ice Cream Cake — Why put ice cream on your cake when you can put ice cream in your cake?
16. King Cake — A braided Danish pastry with cinnamon, vanilla frosting and purple, yellow and green sprinkles. It’s popular during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
17. Peach Pie — Loaded with fresh or canned peach slices and flavored with spices such as nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon.
18. Pear Tart — A Parisian delicacy (in French: tarte bourdaloue).
19. Mooncake — A small, round Chinese cake traditionally shared during the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Zhongqiujie.
20. Muffins — Like cake, but socially acceptable to eat at breakfast!
21. Opera Cake — A French layered concoction of ganache, sponge cake and coffee syrup.
22. Pecan Pie — An American pie that mixes corn syrup or molasses with pecans in a shell for a gooey, rich dessert.
23. Pound Cake — It has a pound of butter in it … need we say more?
24. Pumpkin Pie — A Thanksgiving classic that’s good any time of year.
25. Red Velvet Cake — Red coloring and cocoa give the deep red color to this beautiful layered cake.
26. Rum Cake — Rum and dried fruit are the star ingredients in this cake popular in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago.
27. Rhubarb Pie —  The perfect spring-time pie, best made with fresh rhubarb when it’s in season.
28. Swiss roll — Vanilla or chocolate cake rolled into a log with jam or whipped cream filling.
29. Tiramisu — The popular Italian dessert is made with dense layers of ladyfingers, cream and espresso.
30. Whoopie Pie — A round pie sandwich of cream or frosting between two mounds of chocolate (or ginger) cake.
Is your mouth watering yet? This is just a small sampling of all the pies and cakes out there!
Plan now for a workplace celebration of National Pie Day to thank the people who matter most to your business with a sweet treat everyone loves.

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