Protect your holiday turkey gift giving this year! The Pandemic makes frozen turkeys unpractical and unsafe.

Your Turkey Gift to Employees is More Important than Ever

The pandemic has changed lives and dramatically changed our workplaces.

For many of us, we have lost the in-person connection with employees – the ability to smile, share a handshake or genuinely thank someone in person.

Employees need to feel secure right now in knowing that they are valued. If you have company holiday traditions that are near and dear to your team, respect them. Find a way to make them work in our new work world. Many employees are relying on that cash bonus or holiday turkey gift that they have always received.

Thanksgiving and the holiday season have always been an opportunity for workplace leaders to share their gratitude and appreciation to employees. Your appreciation and thanks are more important than ever this holiday season.

The gift of a Thanksgiving turkey has long been a valued and meaningful gift for employees. The tradition of turkey gift-giving is revered by many companies, and for some, distributing frozen turkeys is a beloved tradition that is decades old.

This year especially, the practical gift of food is something everyone can appreciate and can share with family. The gift of the centerpiece of the holiday meal is a truly meaningful and appreciated gift by all.

If you are new to turkey gift-giving, download our free PDF, “10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays” and share with colleagues.


Pandemic Makes Frozen Turkey Gifts Unpractical and Unsafe

The reality of a literal gift hand-off this year brings about a variety of challenges.

Firstly, safety is paramount. Commitment to employee safety continues to be in the spotlight for good reason. The pandemic means leaders can’t go desk to desk shaking hands; gatherings of employees exchanging pleasantries and holiday goodies simply isn’t feasible or legal in some cases. And, a socially distanced line of masked employees to receive a frozen just isn’t that safe or appealing.

Secondly, many workforces are partially or wholly remote at this point making frozen turkey gift-giving logistics simply unfeasible.

No need to worry! gThankYou can help.

You can keep your beloved turkey gift tradition this year with gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates. Employees choose the brand, preparation and size turkey that their family would like, at major grocery stores nationally. No messy frozen bird logistics to manage plus flexibility in distribution for in-person and remote workplaces.

Easy Turkey Gift-Giving with gThankYou Turkey Gift Certificates

Pandemic makes frozen turkey gifts unpractical - choose Turkey Gift Certificates from gThankYou instead!


gThankYou has been working with workplace leaders since 2007 providing Certificates of Gratitude™ for popular and practical holiday food gifts such as a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas or Easter ham.

gThankYou turkey vouchers are good for any Brand (Butterball®, Smithfield® or any other), any preparation and size of whole turkey, and are redeemable at chain grocery stores nationally.

Turkey vouchers are available in convenient dollar denominations ranging from $10 to $30 so you have the flexibility to choose the right value for your budget.

All Certificates come with FREE personalization such as employee names (if desired) and company logo.

And, all orders come with FREE gift Enclosure Cards customizable with your personal message of ‘thanks’ and logo or management signature scan. Cards and Certificates fit in a #10 business envelope for flexibility in distribution.

For bulk purchases and pricing call us at 888-484-1658 or email us at

Most all orders ship same day. For large distributed workplaces we work with you on a custom plan and timing to meet your needs.

Due to the pandemic, let us know if you need help with envelope stuffing and USPS mailing. Call us to learn more!


Customers Agree! Don’t Just Take Our Word

Turkey Gift Certificates are a safer choice than frozen turkey gifts

Learn how one gThankYou customer found a safer, easier to manage way to share turkey gifts with a distributed workforce – while keeping the importance of the company tradition of Thanksgiving gratitude.

“As the company has grown, it’s become challenging to send frozen turkeys to all its employees. Some of the company’s locations have thousands of employees while others have only 10, and the vast range in needs made delivering the frozen turkeys complicated. Some employees, such as ones who work remotely, are not always on site when the frozen turkeys arrive, so the company would have to keep them frozen until they could retrieve them. Plus, trying to ship frozen turkeys to locations in warmer states added an additional layer of complexity.”

“Gifting the frozen turkeys was becoming more and more complicated, but the company didn’t want to give up the tradition. It was a gift that employees looked forward to each year — it’s something their whole family can enjoy.”

“The Turkey Gift Certificates have been a success for the company. Each year, the company’s order increases, with 4,000 employees receiving Turkey Gift Certificates in 2019.”

You can read and even download the full case study of how this national furniture manufacturer and retailer switched from frozen turkeys to gThankYou Turkey Gift Certificates.


No More Frozen Turkeys for Large Regional Healthcare Provider

gThankYou Turkey Gift Certificates make more sense for you too!

As you consider your holiday gift planning, we will leave you with this thoughtful quote from another satisfied gThankYou customer.

“Senior management LOVES sharing the gift of a Thanksgiving turkey to employees – we’ve been doing it for decades. But when you grow over the years to multiple companies and over ten thousand employees – orchestrating frozen turkey distribution takes months of planning and is a logistics nightmare. I know, I’ve been doing it!

“I can’t tell you how excited I was to discover gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates. With gThankYou everything is easier – it’s easy to order, delivery is quick, pricing is discounted, employees can shop at any major grocery store and buy what they want, and I love the free enclosure cards. Did I mention, no more frozen turkey logistics!! Giving a turkey coupon is just so much more convenient than a frozen bird, and it’s better for recipients too!

“It’s such a relief to know we can give employees a gift of a turkey without having to tax them and still allow them to control when and where they purchase it, the size of the bird and what holiday they can use it for.“I would recommend gThankYou to any company looking to gift their employees with ease and choice!!!”

– HR, Employee Relations Specialist, Large Regional Healthcare Provider


At gThankYou, we are ready to help you craft a turkey gift-giving plan that makes sense for your workplace, budget and timing. Call 888-484-1658 or email us at to learn more.

Happy Holiday Gift Planning!

Download your free copy of "10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays"



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