Employee appreciation gift certificates for ice cream will delight everyone!

Use employee appreciation gift certificates to show admin staff you appreciate them. Along with an ice cream challenge, perhaps? (Photo via Kimberly Vardeman, Flickr.)

Everyone values being appreciated – especially in the workplace! A thoughtful employee appreciation gift certificate communicates you care. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate but does need to be delivered with your sincere thanks. A practical gift that can be shared with family and friends is often most appreciated.

Share employee appreciation gift certificates when you want to recognize great effort, a well-managed customer interaction, team goals being met, and anytime you want to communicate “I’m glad you’re part of our team”!

Administrative Professionals Day is just around the corner on Wednesday, April 27th. Why not share your thanks to your hard-working admin team with a thoughtful employee appreciation gift certificate for Ice Cream, Pie, Candy or even Groceries? gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude are the perfect gift to delight and thank employees anytime.

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We’ve got a passion for Admin Professionals and bet you do too. After all, where would be without them? For HR expert ideas for your workplace Admin Professionals celebration, read on and be inspired!

Say “Thanks!” With Workplace Fun

Employee appreciation gift certificates should travel with your thanks!Fun workplace activities help your team members bond and create great memories they’ll enjoy and laugh over for years. Professional Admins are the glue that keep organizations together. Foster fun the whole workplace can enjoy and provide opportunities for everyone to say thank you to the Admins that make their jobs easier.
Workplace fun is not just a good time—it’s an investment! That’s why teambonding.com post, “Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day Like a Boss,” suggests “investing in play” this Admin Professionals Day.

“Having fun at work doesn’t just lead to great company culture, it also boosts productivity. Over 80% of the United States’ workforce is stressed over work.”

What’s a good way to de-stress? Teambonding.com suggests trying “unforgettable and delicious team building adventures” like an Ice Cream Making Challenge. Small teams of people work to design a new ice cream flavor and marketing plan! They eventually present the new flavors to a panel of judges, who determine the winner. Everybody wins, though, as they enjoy their ice cream and homemade waffle cones together.
Teambonding.com facilitators also use liquid nitrogen to quick-freeze the ice cream, and later pour it out, where it evaporates into the air.

“[It] creates a very dramatic cloud of smoke and evokes oohs and aahs from your group. Watch your staff become children again as they wave their hands, arms and bodies through the cloud.”

Employee Appreciation Gift Certificates To The Rescue!

Sounds fun but complicated, right? Don’t worry, you don’t need to budget for liquid nitrogen.
Hold the same exciting challenge in your workplace with a simpler setup—ice cream, waffle cones, and a spread of fun mouth-watering toppings. Have individuals or groups submit new flavor ideas while they enjoy the ice cream party, and let Admins select the winners. Make everyone feel like a winner by distributing Ice Cream Gift Certificates to enjoy and share later.

Other Popular Celebration Ideas

Alice Bumgarner, moderator of The Admin Pro Forum, asked business people what they did to celebrate Administrative Professionals Week. Here are some of the favorites:

  • Lunch with the boss, a gift certificate for a three-hour spa session, and the time to enjoy the certificate
  • Cards with very sincere hand-written notes and employee appreciation gift certificates
  • Lunch with the executive team, flowers, and a nice card with a personal message
  • Breakfast at a local country club, a Godiva chocolate bar, and a thank you card

The Power Of Employee Appreciation: Personal Testimony

Sharing your sincere gratitude to someone has lasting positive effects. Hear it for yourself:
1. An admin worker attended a one-day administrative professionals conference and returned to a pleasant surprise.“…the most heartwarming thing that happened was when I came back to the office the next day I had a voice mail thanking me for all the hard work and help I provide to [the boss’s] department and the organization in general. This was an awesome surprise I still hear in my head today.”
2. A team of admin staff took a no-frills field trip and enjoyed others’ company.
“We visited some of our local clients and had a client prepare us lunch on their farm. Afterwards, we visited another client and played laser tag at their facility. We were able to enjoy a day out of the office but were also getting to know some of our clients on a more personal level. I very much enjoyed the day out.”
We thank all the Admin Professionals out there that keep us looking good and hope you and your organization take special care in sharing your gratitude to your Admin staff this Administration Professionals Day.

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