Have some workplace Halloween fun by providing a spread of Halloween treats everyone will enjoy!

Workplace Halloween fun is easy with as spread of Halloween themed treats!

This Wednesday, October 31st, isn’t just hump day — it’s Halloween!  You still have time to organize a bit of spooky workplace Halloween fun to celebrate one of our favorite holidays and your employees.
The Benefits of Workplace Celebrations
Whether it’s for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or the winter holidays, celebrations at work foster team unity, spark creativity, and relieve stress. Workplace parties are seen as an expression of gratitude, which boosts employee engagement and loyalty.
Halloween checks all the boxes for a successful workplace celebration; it’s participatory by nature, creative, and the focus is on fun. We all love Halloween!

Host a Halloween Party at Your Work
Halloween celebrations don’t have to be elaborate. Halloween is an affordable holiday that favors imagination over expense. Here are a few simple ideas for celebrating Halloween at your workplace:

  • Have an pumpkin carving (or decorating) contest.
  • Hold a costume parade complete with prizes for most creative, scariest, etc.

    Set the mood with a Halloween playlist.
  • Provide a spread of Halloween themed treats.
  • Play Halloween movie trivia.
  • When in doubt, everyone loves the gift of candy!

Tips for Successful Costume Contests
The Balance Careers blogpost about celebrating Halloween at work has some suggestions for office costume contests:

  • Set up and publish the contest rules, including categories.
  • Consider having separate contests for teams and for individuals.
  • Award a variety of prizes like best, most original, scariest, lamest, etc.
  • Incorporate a prize category for the individual whose costume most resembles a corporate executive or best exemplifies company spirit

If you’re worried about making sure things are kept appropriate at your office costume party, check out this article on Inc.com.
Be sure to peruse the photos from last year’s “Hall of Fame” winners and honorable mentions.
20 Halloween Ideas from gThankYou
For a quick resource of easy Halloween ideas, download 20 fun ideas for Halloween team building.
Curious About Halloween Stats and Spending?
Here are just a few fun facts from Wallet Hub:

  • 69% of Americans plan to celebrate the holiday
  • 50% of Americans will decorate their home or yard
  • 48% of Americans plan to dress up in costumes
  • 72% of households will offer 2-3 pieces of Halloween candy to trick or treaters (and funnily, 72% of parents admit to secretly eating their kids’ candy)
  • 1927 was the first year that the term trick or treat was used in the US

However you choose to celebrate Halloween, we hope you have fun with your colleagues!
Happy Halloween from your friends at gThankYou!

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