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Celebrate Success with New Ice Cream Certificates from gThankYou. Employee gift expert gThankYou has introduced Ice Cream Gift Certificates, a new and fun way for companies to engage employees and say “Thank You” for a job well done. Ice Cream Gift Certificates are the perfect, and tasty, addition of your company’s recognition and reward program.
I Scream, You Scream…
“There’s nothing more fun to eat than ice cream, and the season is upon us,” says Rick Kiley, president of gThankYou, Corporate America’s favorite employee gift source. “There’s nothing that makes for a better celebration with friends and the entire family.”
Fun Varieties
Choose gThankYou Ice Cream Certificates for a variety of celebrations:

  • Icecream SundaeThe Sundae –  good for one container of ice cream up to a $5 value
  • The Double Scoop – redeemable for two containers of ice cream up to a $10 value
  • The Triple Scoop — purchases three containers up to a $15 total value.
  • The Ice Cream Social – up to a $20 value good for four containers of ice cream.
  • The Extravaganza – up to a $25 value toward five containers of ice cream.
  • The Ultimate Scoop – an ice cream lovers dream good for six containers at up to $30 value.

Plus, add $5 or $10 to your certificate for mix-ins and toppings like nuts, candies, whipped cream and sauce.
Each certificate is redeemable at any grocery store for any brand of ice cream, frozen novelty or similar frozen dessert in the appropriate denomination and container count. Employees can also choose the brand and type of toppings of their choice, if included in the certificate.
More Information
There’s a lot more information about gThankYou® Ice Cream Gift Certificates at the Company’s website, including:

About gThankYou, LLC gThankYou helps companies celebrate with employees, offering Gift Certificates that are simple to purchase, easy to distribute and convenient to redeem for employees, customers and friends. gThankYou Gift Certificates create an ideal opportunity for workplace leaders to recognize successes. gThankYou, LLC is based in Madison, Wisconsin. Learn More about gThankYou on the company’s website. And find out how rewards can boost your company’s bottom line at Celebrating Work, the blog of gThankYou.
Already known for its popular Turkey Gift Certificates, Ham Gift Certificates and Grocery Gift Certificates, gThankYou is the top choice gift for employees; as convenient and easy for firms to give as it’s meaningful and appreciated and simple for employees to redeem.
Contact: Rick Kiley, President, gThankYou, LLC,, 888-484-1658.

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How gThankYou Certificates Work

Step 1

Order Certificates

Choose the gThankYou Certificates you want and order them online or by telephone.

Step 2

Ship directly to your business

Your order is delivered by UPS. Nearly all orders ship the day received. Overnight shipping is available.

Step 3

Distribute to your employees

Personalize your gThankYou Certificates with Recipient and Giver names (optional) and give them to employees.

Step 4

Redeem at any grocery store

Recipients redeem Certificates at major U.S. grocery stores and select the items they want.