Thanksgiving gifts are a perfect way to show your employees how much you appreciate them and that you’re grateful for their work. Why not order gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude for Thanksgiving turkeypumpkin pie, or groceriesYour employees will appreciate the freedom to choose their favorite items and brands at their favorite store.

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As TrendHunter’s “50 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas” says:

“This holiday is all about spending time with your family and giving thanks for all the blessings you have. What better way to enhance the joy and spirit of Thanksgiving than by surprising everyone with some tokens of appreciation? The most important thing to remember is that whatever your Thanksgiving gift ideas are, they should come from the heart.”

Thank employees for their accomplishments

There’s no better way to tell your work family how much you value them than by supplying the turkey for the center of their Thanksgiving table. The additional holiday enclosure cards put your thanks into words that keep your gratitude top of mind.

As Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, author, business writing expert, and founder of Syntax Training writes in “Giving Thanks to Customers, Employees, and Others”:

“The purpose of the thank-you gesture is to show appreciation for the people who help you succeed or make your work life enjoyable.”

There are gThankYou! Thanksgiving themed Enclosure Cards that convey this message perfectly. Here’s just one example:

New gThankYou! Employee Thanksgiving Gift Card - Celebrating Turkeys

Thank employees for being who they are

Peter Bregman,  CEO of global management consulting firm Bregman Partners, Inc., has a slightly different take on Thanksgiving gifts and other holiday presents. In his Harvard Business Review blog, “The Real Point of Gift-Giving,” he writes:

“As we enter this holiday season, it makes sense to pause for a moment and think about gifts. What’s the point of them?

On a basic level, we give gifts because we’re supposed to. On certain occasions—birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, the end of the year—it’s customary.

New gThankYou! Employee Thanksgiving Gift Card - Autumn GarlandUnderlying that custom is an important purpose: appreciation. We give people gifts to show them that we are grateful for them and value the role they play in our lives.

But here’s a common misconception: the bigger, more valuable the gift, the more it expresses our appreciation. I know people who’ve received huge stock grants who feel severely under-appreciated.

Because gifts don’t express appreciation, people do. And when people don’t express it, neither do their gifts.

There is no more powerful way to acknowledge others than to be thankful for them just as they are. And yet we almost never do this. Especially in a corporate setting where we often ask people to change and where we value them for what they can do for us and for the company.

Think of our corporate end of the year rituals: performance reviews, holiday parties, and sometimes, if we’re lucky, bonuses.

Performance reviews are supposed to identify our strengths, and the best reviewers spend most of their time dwelling on strengths. But it’s not a review unless we also look at weaknesses, areas “to develop,” places where we fall short. In other words, immediately after we tell people how great they are, we tell them how they aren’t good enough.

But I’d like to suggest an additional way to appreciate the people around us. … Not for what they do for you. Not for what they help you accomplish. Not even for what they accomplish themselves. Just for being who they are.”

gThankYou! has a whole range of employee Thanksgiving gift cards to express this unconditional thank you as well.

Signs of AutumnFREE with any Purchase of gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude!

No matter the message, it’s easy to order our enclosure cards. Simply select a design, personalize your message, and have us add your company logo (if desired).

gThankYou! Enclosure Cards are FREE with any purchase of our gift certificates.  Enclosure Cards are 3-inches high by 4-inches wide (3″ X 4″) and printed on high-quality card stock.  They are the perfect addition to a thoughtful employee Thanksgiving gift.

Order early!

Don’t wait too long, cautions Gaertner-Johnston:

“Whatever type of greeting you choose to send, plan for it to arrive by Monday, November 22, or Tuesday, November 23, at the latest. The reason is that people often take the day before Thanksgiving off work, and few people work on Thanksgiving Day. Except for grocery stores and pharmacies, businesses are generally closed.”

This Thanksgiving, let your employees know you value their accomplishments—and them, just as they are—with gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude and a sincere note of thanks and holiday good wishes.

To view our entire catalog of Autumn and Thanksgiving Enclosure Card Designs (click the link) or click the image below!


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