How will you celebrate custodial workers recognition day?

Give your custodial staff the thanks they deserve on National Custodial Workers Recognition Day, Oct. 2. (Photo via San Marcos CISD)

Happy National Custodial Workers Recognition Day! Held every Oct. 2, it’s a celebration of the people who keep our buildings cleaned, maintained, safe and ready for daily activity.
Every workplace needs custodians. Custodial workers are ubiquitous, yet they’re often the least seen or recognized employees of a company.

“More than 23 million custodians in the United States work behind the scenes, clean up our messes, and usually go unnoticed,” according to an ABC news story. National Custodial Workers Recognition Day is a way to highlight “their sometimes thankless job.”
In another ABC story on National Custodial Workers Recognition Day, one custodian says his team’s work is rarely noticed until something goes wrong.
“If something’s wrong, they hear about it. If something’s right, they usually don’t get that pleasure of hearing ‘Thank You,'” he says.
Read on for quick recognition ideas to show your gratitude and celebrate National Custodial Workers Recognition Day. Your custodial staff will appreciate the attention!

5 Ways to Thank a Custodian Today

Follow these tips for thanking custodians on National Custodial Workers Recognition Day — or anytime. It’s crucial that your CEO or leadership team be involved in these initiatives, no matter what.
Employee recognition is most meaningful when it comes from the top, according to Gallup research.
“Employees will remember personal feedback from the CEO — even a small amount of time a high-ranking leader takes to show appreciation can yield a positive impression on an employee. In fact, acknowledgment from a CEO could become a career highlight,” Gallup analysts explain.
1. Learn the Names of Your Custodial Staff and Use Them
If you don’t know the names of the people who clean your workplace, you’re far from alone. Custodians often work off-hours, before or after the rest of us. Be the model for change! Don’t let the custodial crew feel anonymous to the rest of the company. Learn their names and make a point to be around at the start of their shift to thank them individually and in person for their work.
2. Publicly Recognize Your Custodians
Using #CustodialWorkersRecognitionDay, introduce your custodians on company social media accounts with photos, quotes and lots of gratitude. Or follow the lead of the Conroe, Texas Independent School District and thank (and name!) your custodial staff on the organization website.
C&W Services believes custodial staff should be recognized every day and do so on their website, publishing short stories about each individual. They believe custodians are integral to their company’s success:

“In addition to keeping buildings productive, clean, and safe, custodians also act as ambassadors and contribute to important first impressions and the overall success of the company they represent.”

3. Throw an All-Staff Party In Their HonorThrow a pizza party or share gThankYou! Pizza Gift Certificates
Another way to show public recognition? Throw a party and invite everyone who works in the building. Give your custodians a chance to relax and meet other employees in the company, and vice versa. It doesn’t have to be a big affair! Offer pizza or cake and a short speech of recognition from the CEO or a manager is plenty to make workers feel valued and appreciated.
4. Write a Thank You Note
Give specific examples of why you’re grateful. In particular, mention why their work is helping the company grow and meet goals. By putting your appreciation in writing, it becomes a memorable keepsake. Our guess is that most custodial staff doesn’t receive that kind of attention very often — if ever.
For example, let’s say your company successfully hosted a major client recently, and the custodial staff put in long hours to prepare and coordinated with multiple outside vendors for the visit, including A/V techs and catering. Let them know how their preparation and willingness to coordinate not only led to a smooth visit but helped seal the deal on a major contract. (Find more tips for writing a great employee Thank You note here.)
5. Give a Small Gift They Can Enjoy with Family and Friends
Movie passes, concert tickets or certificates for treats like ice cream and pizza are fun, affordable crowd-pleasers. Plus, they’re meaningful gifts that can be shared with family and friends. But remember: your gratitude is what really counts! If you do decide to share small gifts for National Custodial Worker Recognition Day, be sure to include a personalized note of appreciation.

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