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We are extremely grateful for our fantastic customers who enjoy giving gThankYou Gift Certificates to employees and customers for the holidays and year-round. It’s our pleasure to partner with leaders who understand that thoughtful, practical, easy-to-use gifts are an excellent way to show gratitude.

Every organization has their own unique stories of sharing gratitude.

We are excited to share three customer case studies of organizations who use gThankYou Gift Certificates to share gratitude in different ways with their workplace teams. We hope it provides inspiration and insight for sharing gratitude in your workplace. You can find all of these and download PDFs to share with your management on our new gThankYou Case Studies page!

Nothing tells a story better than satisfied customers and thousands of happy employees!

gThankYou Case Studies

Growing Company Keeps Turkey-Giving Tradition Alive

Give the gift of a turkey - gThankYou Case Study

For many companies, the gift of a turkey for Thanksgiving has long been a beloved tradition. Chances are, the company started gifting frozen turkeys from a big refrigerated truck on a cold November day as that was really the only choice.

Gifting frozen turkeys has always been a lot of work. As companies grow and have remote workers the logistic complications become exponential. That’s why so many companies choose gThankYou Turkey Gift Certificates  – good for any brand and preparation of turkey and redeemable at supermarkets nationally. The easy, convenient way to share your holiday turkey gift with employees.

In this case study, we showcase this common problem. Learn how one company with a 50 year tradition of sharing a Thanksgiving turkey with employees evolved to keep their valued tradition alive as the company grew and expanded into multiple locations. You can read the case study and download the PDF here.

“As the company has grown, it’s become challenging to send frozen turkeys to all its employees. Some of the company’s locations have thousands of employees while others have only 10, and the vast range in needs made delivering the frozen turkeys complicated. Some employees, such as ones who work remotely, are not always on site when the frozen turkeys arrive, so the company would have to keep them frozen until they could retrieve them. Plus, trying to ship frozen turkeys to locations in warmer states added an additional layer of complexity.”


Manufacturer Finds Easy Way to Show Appreciation for Essential Employees

Grocery gift-giving - gThankYou Case Study

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected us all. It has transformed our workplaces, has forced us to be innovative, and has emphasized to us the importance of our teams. Never before has the term essential employees been used so often, referring to the people who put their safety on the line to keep our country’s “engine running.”

Manufacturing companies are the heartbeat of America and critical to the supply chain. Leaders of these companies have needed to juggle safety and productivity, leaning heavily on managers and employees daily. This company, a family-owned, hands-on manufacturer, wanted to share a special thanks on Employee Appreciation Day during the pandemic.

The VP of Human Resources had previously worked with gThankYou and knew the company’s food gift certificates met the criteria for a perfect gift of gratitude.

“Because the Certificates and the flexibility of redeeming them at any grocery store were so well received by associates, the manufacturer continues to use them for other moments throughout the year. The Certificates are used in giveaways to show appreciation for its essential employees during COVID-19, raffle drawings and as a gesture of condolence when an associate experiences a death in the family.”

Click here to read the case study and download a copy to share with your team.


Government Health Service Promotes Public Health Programs with Unique Incentive

Healthcare case study - gThankYou Case Study

Food has long been an incentive that works for everyone – not just employees. For this customer, a government agency, gThankYou Gift Certificates are used to incentivize participation in important healthcare initiatives and provide food assistance when needed. gThankYou Certificates are an affordable way for the agency to meet program goals with an incentive everyone can feel good about – the gift of food (and only food).

gThankYou Grocery Certificates are a cost-effective, controlled solution for nonprofits, food banks and government-funded organizations to provide food support for the populations they serve.

In this case, the program manager purchases the Certificates on an as-needed basis as she provides them to her patient population each month. Unused Certificates are able to be refunded for a credit, ensuring the program doesn’t waste any of its funding for incentives.

“For the past two years, gThankYou’s Grocery Certificates have provided a solution that allows the government health service to responsibly spend its funding to incentivize the vulnerable populations it serves. In fact, the government health service has seen such success with the Certificates that it has begun using them as incentives for other public health programs, participation in research and preventative medicine, program compliance and even in support of COVID-19 programs. The service also uses the Certificates for its own staff as retirement gifts, year of service rewards and employee of the month awards.”

Read more here and download the case study.

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