Host a virtual Halloween party in your workplace this season!


What about your annual office Halloween party?

Health experts recommend skipping in-person gatherings this year — especially in areas with high COVID-19 levels. But you can still have plenty of spooky seasonal fun online.

Holiday parties have always been a great way to help employees bond and burn off stress, and to recognize their hard work. That matters more now than it ever has.

Mix some fun and creativity and you can host a virtual Halloween party! Your colleagues will appreciate the efforts to keep the Halloween spirit alive despite the pandemic.

Here’s how to get started:

Your Virtual Halloween Party

Build the Halloween Party Hype

To communicate it’s time for fun, create an engaging digital Halloween party invite or flyer. We LOVE the options at Paperless Post. Take a look at their classy and festive Halloween invitations and party tips.

Get Creative with Your Zoom Backgrounds

Create your own background or feel free to download one of the ones below for your use! Throw in some spooky background music and you’ll be ready for Halloween fun.


Halloween Zoom Background - Scary pumpkin


Halloween Zoom Background - Pumpkin Balloons

Halloween Zoom Background -Ghosts

Halloween Zoom Background - Spiders

Virtual Trick or Treating

Hosting a virtual Halloween party requires planning and creativity. You’ll need something to break the ice and get people comfortable and engaging. Consider a digital round of trick or treating by giving employees digital treats such as a credit for a digital song, an app or even a digital sticker or wallpaper. If you have a small team, give people a budget and let them choose the treats they want to trade.

Add a “trick” to the fun such as needing to answer a Halloween question for the “treat” such as:

  • Favorite Halloween candy
  • Favorite Halloween tradition
  • Best costume of all time
    Candy Gift Certificate from gThankYou with Halloween Card

    Send a thoughtful candy gift to employees to create excitement for your virtual Halloween party!

Or send them a gThankYou Gift Certificate for the candy of their choice – a head of time!


Halloween Costumes

There is something about dressing up for Halloween in costume that brings out the child in all of us. It’s permission to have fun. Feel out your team, but chances are everyone would appreciate the encouragement to dress for the event. Make it costume optional for those naysayers.

Dog friendly office? Have a pet costume contest. Winner gets featured on the company website…

Consider taking the pressure off people feeling like they need to go to a store or outlay cash during the pandemic, just for a costume. Restrict costuming to what’s available at home for example. It’s bound to challenge the creative juices too!

Virtual Contests

Contests are a good way to weave in team building to your Halloween festivities. Download “20 Ideas for Halloween Team Building”. While it was created for a work world pre-pandemic, many of these ideas can be finessed virtually.

Download Your Free "20 Ideas for Halloween Team Building"

Think about how to structure your contests. Do you want to have departments compete against each other, assign teams or have everyone compete on their own? Might be different criteria for different contests.

For large remote workplaces, we like Virtual Team Building who can run your online contests or parties for you for very large groups.

Need contest ideas? Brainstorm with colleagues but here’s a start:

  • Halloween trivia
  • Best Zoom Background
  • Best Homemade Costume
  • Best Make-up
  • Best Don’t Want to Meet in a Dark Alley Costume
  • Best Alter-Ego
  • Best Jack-o-Lantern or Painted Pumpkin
  • Best Pet Costume

Contest Prizes

If you are onsite, you’ll have more choices for either budget friendly or creative prizes. If you are digital, go for small affordable digital gifts – or follow-up by sending winners a pair of Halloween socks, a gift Certificate for pizza, or a work from home survival kit!

Other ideas include:

  • Cash! If that is a possibility, people will clamor to participate.
  • Sugarwish digital gift certificates for candy, cookies or even popcorn!
  • An afternoon off! Time off is always appreciated, and if it works with your policies, it can be one of the best incentives possible.
  • A basket of local Fall treats – candy, cookies, hot chocolate makings, apples and caramel, pumpkin spices anything!
  • Ultimate surprise package. What can you offer that will turn on the competitors? It can be a highly sought-after tech item, a yearlong subscription to a delivery service, or even just a jar of pickles.
  • Door prize: voucher for a free coffee/tea (or other inexpensive item) just for showing up!

Halloween Movie Night

If your workplace isn’t the costume, contest type of culture, there are plenty of other options to bring the fun of the holiday to employees in or out of the workplace.

How about a Halloween movie night? Either adult or all family. Or offer both and display on different feeds. Simply project the movie in one location and share it with the zoom participants. Send everyone microwavable popcorn or a pizza ahead of time and make it a casual Halloween get-together.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to share your sincere appreciation to your work team for everything they have done and continue to do for your business. They will appreciate your efforts to bring fun back into the workplace and your thoughtful support.

Be safe, be smart and have a fun and spooky Halloween!

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