Celebrate your workplace in honor of Labor Day!

Labor Day parades are an American tradition going back generations! Celebrate your workplace this Labor Day with fun, engaging activities. (Image via Kheel Center, Flickr)

The Labor Day holiday celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate your workplace and have fun  — especially if you have team members working on Labor Day itself or over Labor Day weekend.
Officially recognized as a federal holiday in 1894, Labor Day was born out of the rise of workers’ rights during the peak of the Industrial Revolution. To this day, we enjoy the benefits of this movement: minimum wage, overtime law, the weekend and more.
“We commemorate Labor Day because it forever changed the relationship between employer and employee,” according to a Gusto blog post.

Labor Day is traditionally celebrated with parades and picnics. But if your company has employees working on Labor Day, there are still ways to celebrate your workplace and thank employees during the workday. Read on for easy ways to share your thanks with staff helping out during the holiday.

6 Ways to Celebrate Your Workplace on Labor Day

Try these fun activities to celebrate your workplace and recognize employees for Labor Day:
1. “Last Hurrah” for Summer
Technically autumn doesn’t begin until Sept. 22, but Labor Day has long been viewed as the symbolic end of summer. Give a “last hurrah” for summer with a lunch-break beach party. Create summer vibes with a cookout, beach-themed mocktails, kiddie pools and outdoor games. Encourage managers or any available member of the C-suite to do the grilling for everybody — it’s a meaningful gesture employees will appreciate.
2. Company History Scavenger Hunt
Celebrate the historical accomplishments of your organization and its employees through the years with a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts can incorporate learning along with the fun, as HR Bartender Sharlyn Lauby writes:

“Scavenger hunts can be themed around information that employees need to know for their job — company history, products and services, safety … and emergency procedures. Employees can do a ‘selfie’ hunt taking pictures with people they will collaborate with in their work.”

Intrigued? Lauby has scavenger hunt how-to tips for celebrating your workplace with employees.
3. Labor Day Parade
Take your team to watch your local Labor Day parade. Or wear matching company apparel and participate in it. Either way, it’s a great way to support local workers and your community.
4. Pizza Party
Sometimes it’s the simple things in life, right? Everyone loves pizza — it’s actually scientifically proven: pizza is the #1 favorite food among Americans. So order a round of pies for your Labor Day team and enjoy them together. Don’t forget to include your remote workers in the pizza party with gThankYou! Pizza Gift Certificates.
5. Labor Day ‘Thank You’ Letter from the CEO
Your organization depends on the talent and hard work of its workers — spread the word! Labor Day is a great time for your CEO or other top leader to write a company-wide note that publicly recognizes employee contributions of the past year. Download our free ebook guide on “How to Write the Perfect Employee Thank You Note” for letter-writing pointers, real-life examples and more.
6. Hold a Company Open House
If your business will be open anyway on Labor Day, why not turn it into a party for everyone? Include family, friends, customers and vendors. A company open house is a workplace celebration idea from The Balance, which suggests serving finger food and providing guided tours. You could also hold a raffle with door prizes. Don’t forget to make employee recognition a major part of your open house: highlight employee accomplishments and, since it’s Labor Day, include information on company history and on employee accomplishments throughout the history of the company.

Celebrate Your Team Year-Round

Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar.Labor Day is just one opportunity to engage and recognize your staff for their contributions to the success of your business. We all thrive on being appreciated – it’s no different in the workplace.
Keep your inspiration and energy for celebrating employees fresh with ideas and tools for building an everyday culture of appreciation. Download our annual guide, “Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar” and learn easy, affordable ways to celebrate your workplace month by month.
Be inspired! Download your one-of-a-kind ebook today, absolutely free.
“In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day — or to celebrate each special day.” -Rasheed Ogunlaru, coach and author

Here’s to building a happier workplace!

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