Give the employee turkey gift everyone loves – gThankYou ThanksgivingTurkey Gift Certificates!

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, but you still have time to order an employee turkey gift to share with your workplace!
gThankYou! Thanksgiving Turkey Gift Certificates ship same day — so you can have them as soon as tomorrow (next business day) — and are an easy, meaningful way to thank your employees this holiday season.
Plus, every order of gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates comes with your choice of customizable gThankYou Enclosure Cards to share with recipients — FREE.
And unlike the gift of a frozen turkey, gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates make the employee turkey gift tradition easy for everyone!
You will love the convenience of sharing a gift that fits in a business-sized envelope. Your recipients will love the flexibility to choose the size, brand and preparation of turkey they want as the centerpiece of their holiday family celebration.
gThankYou! Gift Certificates are good for any brand of merchandise specified and can be redeemed nationally at virtually all major chain grocery stores.
Have a large order or a distributed workforce? Call us at 888-370-1544 for volume pricing or to discuss your order requirements so we can make your employee turkey gift-giving stress-free.
Read on for why an employee turkey gift is still the best way to show your Thanksgiving gratitude to employees and for a step-by-step guide to ordering gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates!

An Employee Turkey Gift Gets to the Heart of Thanksgiving

Download our free eBook, "How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees".

Write the perfect Thank You note to accompany your employee turkey gift! Download our new eBook, “Put the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving: How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees.”

Food is a big part of celebrations big and small. But at Thanksgiving, the feast we share is the cause for celebration. Not only that, the Thanksgiving turkey stands out as an all-American symbol of gratitude.
When you share an employee turkey gift in your workplace, you’re sharing a practical and meaningful gift that’s automatically associated with gratitude.
“Yes, there’s a feast at the heart of almost every holiday you can name, whether it be religious or secular. And most of them are actually an expression of gratitude. But not one of them can claim to have food at its heart in the way that Thanksgiving does,” Damon Lee Fowler writes this week for the Savannah Evening News article, “On Food: Sharing Thanksgiving Traditions.”
Planning and preparing for a special Thanksgiving meal brings people together — and this holds especially true in the workplace.
“Practically every workplace becomes a culinary forum at Thanksgiving, because this is a real cooks’ holiday that’s all about being grateful with food,” Fowler writes.
But even as coworkers are excitedly discussing Thanksgiving meal plans, gratitude itself is often missing from the workplace.
For many, “thanking others at work would be a switch. A 2012 John Templeton Foundation study found that most of us rarely give or receive thanks at work,” Nancy Collamer writes in the Forbes article, “Why Giving Thanks Is Good For Your Career.”
This year, Collamer suggests, “extend the practice of gratitude beyond the Thanksgiving table to the workplace.” Workplace leaders have the power to transform a gratitude-absent culture into a culture of gratitude that guides decisions and leads the company to success.
“Positive psychology research shows that by regularly practicing gratitude you can significantly improve your happiness. This can ultimately pay off for you in your career, since happier people are more productive, engaged and resilient workers,” she writes.
Read on to learn how easy it is to still celebrate employees with the thoughtful gift of a Thanksgiving turkey.

With Less Than One Week to Go, You Can Still Put the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving!

Excited to start celebrating Thanksgiving gratitude in your workplace? Start today by ordering gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates. You can have your employee turkey gift in hand as soon as tomorrow. Here’s how:

1. Ordering is Easy!

Simply call us at 888-484-1658 or place your order directly online.

In addition to our popular Turkey Gift Certificates, we offer Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates and a variety of Grocery Gift Certificates in a range of affordable values. You can give the whole Thanksgiving feast!

Distributed workforce? We can help! We can create custom online ordering for your distributed workplace with your choice of products, volume pricing and custom “Thank You” Enclosure Card. Call us to learn more.

2. Choose Your FREE Thanksgiving-themed Thank You Card

gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates come with FREE Enclosure Cards with your personal message and company logo.

All gThankYou! Gift Certificates come with Free customizable Enclosure Cards. You choose the design, give us your personal message and even have us include a company logo — all FREE!

Every great gift needs a Thank You card to go along with it, and we’ve got you covered! gThankYou Enclosure Cards are free with any purchase. Choose from dozens of card designs, then give us your personal message for recipients along with your company logo (if desired). We’ll create a proof for you to approve and include the cards with your order — all for FREE!

See our catalogs of Thanksgiving Card Designs and Holiday Card Designs for the full range of seasonal options, or visit our website for even more options.
Want to make your “Thank You” Enclosure Cards even better? Include a personal Thanksgiving letter to employees. Download our new eBook, “How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees” for tips and real-life examples to inspire your message!

3. Receive Your Certificates As Soon As Next Day

Have your Thanksgiving Turkey Gift Certificates (and Enclosure Cards) in hand as fast as the next business day! Virtually all orders ship same day, even large orders. Plan ahead and we’ll ensure you have them exactly when you want them.

4. Share Your Thanksgiving Turkey Gift with Employees

If possible share your Thanksgiving turkey gift in person with managers distributing and personally sharing their gratitude and best wishes to employees. gThankYou Certificates fit in a standard business size envelope so if you prefer you can distribute them in a holiday mailing or even via payroll.

Let your recipients know we offer a free downloadable turkey cookbook with helpful tips and recipes — “The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide” — as well as a free “Holiday Ham Guide.”

5. Enjoy the Joy and Gratitude of the Holiday Season!

When gThankYou is helping you with your employee holidays gifts, you’re free to spend the holidays focusing on what really matters: sharing in the gratitude of the season with your employees.

Need more reasons why Thanksgiving turkey gifts for employees are a great idea?
Download gThankYou’s new brochure “10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays” to learn why so many businesses give employees a Thanksgiving turkey.

Why You Should Give Employees a Thanksgiving Turkey: Download Now!

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