Information for Giving Grocery Gift Cards



How do gThankYou Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates work?

gThankYou Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates work just the same as our famous Turkey Gift Certificates, Ham Gift Certificates, Turkey or Ham Gift Certificates, Pizza Gift Certificates, Grocery Gift Certificates, Pie Gift Certificeats and Ice Cream Gift Certificates.

First, purchase as many Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates as you want. They are available in amounts of $5, $10, $15 and $20. We send them immediately to you. Overnight shipping is available.

Next, distribute the Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates to employees, customers and friends. Payday is an easy time to do this.

Recipients redeem the Certificates at any grocery store they choose, any time they choose, for any Fruits & Vegetables they want. The grocery store handles the Gift Certificates the same way it handles any other manufacturer cents-off coupon. It's that simple.


What can be purchased with gThankYou Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates

The Certificate holder can purchase any variety of fruits and vegetables, whether fresh, frozen or packaged.


Click for a 1-page Overview of all gThankYou Gift Certificates.


Are there THINGS I CANNOT BUY with gThankYou Fruits & VegetablesGift Certificates?

Yes. You can only fruits and vegetables, fresh, frozen or packaged.


How do gThankYou's FREE Enclosure Cards work?

Our FREE Enclosure Cards are on heavy, high-quality paper and are 3-inches (high) by 4-inches (wide).

We customize Enclosure Cards with any message you want and, if you wish, your Company's logo.

There is no extra charge for our Enclosure Cards, or incorporating your custom message and/or logo.

We offer Enclosure Card designs specifically designed to go with our Fruits & Vegetables Certificates.

For more details go to our FREE Enclosure Cards page.


Can the Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates say they're from me or my Company?

Yes. When you place your order, there will be a space to submit the name of the "Certificate Giver". If you leave the "From" space blank, we'll leave it blank on the Certificates.


Can you personalize gThankYou Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates with names of Recipients?

Yes. There are two ways to do this. gThankYou will do this for you or we can leave the "Recipient" space on the Certificates blank so you can personalize them with recipients' names yourself.

If you would like gThankYou to imprint the Gift Certficates with names, you may enter up to 10 names in our Shopping Cart.

Or, you can email us a spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel) with all the names listed. Please enter one complete name per spreadsheet cell. Please call for complete instructions.


What dollar value Certificates should I purchase?

That's up to you. The greater the dollar value of the Certificates you purchase, the more fruit and vegetable items the Certficate Recipients receive.


What if the Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates recipient wants items that cost more than the amount of the Gift Certificate(s) they have?

No problem. The Recipient just pays the difference. That means they pay the extra cost of the items that is greater than the amount of the Gift Certficate(s).


In addition to the price of the Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates are there any additional charges?

Yes. A Shipping Fee and a Handling Fee of $0.50 (50 cents) per Certificate are added.

Shipping charges vary depending on the delivery service you choose. For example, UPS Ground service is $10 for any number of Gift Cards purchased.

We have special pricing for large purchases.


Is there a minimum number of Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates I can buy?

No. You may purchase any number of Certificates.


How do I pay for the Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates?

Pay with a major credit card. gThankYou accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You may also arrange to pay by check. Please call for check-payment details.


What if I want to receive the Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates by tomorrow?

No problem. Place your order by mid-afternoon Central Time and we'll ship it today for delivery tomorrow. In many markets, UPS is able to deliver as early as 7:30AM.

If it's afternoon and you want delivery tomorrow, call us at 888-484-1658 and we'll tell you if we can make your deadline.


How do you send gThankYou Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates to me?

We ship by UPS and require a signature for delivery. We are also able to use your company or personal account number, if you want us to.


Do you send Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates worldwide?

No. We ship to U.S. street addresses only; we do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

A signature and name are required at the time of delivery. Certificates may be redeemed only in U.S. grocery stores.


What do gThankYou Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates look like?

They look like this…