Information If You Have a Grocery Gift Card

Congratulations! You have a Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificate from gThankYou! You may redeem the Gift Certificate for ANY BRAND of FRUITS & VEGETABLES at ANY GROCERY STORE or MASS MERCHANT SUPERMARKET in the U.S. that honors Manufacturer Coupons.

There are some stores that DO NOT REDEEM gThankYou Pie Gift Certificates. These stores include warehouse stores such as Sam's Club and Costco, and specialty stores such as produce markets, farmers' markets and small produce vendors.  The Aldi chain also does not honor Manufacturer Coupons.

Redeeming your Gift Certificate is easy. Select the fruits and vegetables items you want and present your Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificate to the cashier when you check out. Your store will handle the Gift Certificates just like a cents-off coupon.

If you or the store has any questions please have the Store Manager or Cashier call 888-484-1658.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where can I redeem my Pie Gift Certificate?

At virtually any grocery store. You can redeem your Gift Certificate for ANY BRAND and ANY VARIETY of fruit and vegetable item(s). Select the item(s) you want and present your Gift Certificate to the cashier just like any Manufacturer Coupon. It's that easy!


What if the store won't accept the Gift Certificate?

Ask the Cashier or Store Manager to call the toll-free number printed on your Gift Certificate. We'll answer their questions right away.


May I spend more than the amount on the Gift Certificate?

Yes. You just pay the extra amount at the cash register.


What may I buy with my Gift Certificate?

You may buy any variety of fruits and vegetables items, up to the value and number of itmes printed on the Certificate.  The items you choose may be fresh, frozen or packaged.

You CANNOT BUY other grocery items.