It hit 90 this week, a rare occasion for Wisconsin in May. We officially moved full-force into summer living. The kitchen is closed. The grill is open. We’re outside working and playing, and hungry for our favorite summer treat: Ice Cream.
Ice cream is a favorite of everyone, period. In fact, I’ve never met anyone who does not like it.
Since it’s such a favorite, innovative eaters have come up with many ways to enjoy ice cream, and all of its many forms. Food Network recently posted its top dessert trends for 2010. About half of them include ice cream, and it topped the list in 2009.
Food Network’s trends this year  include:
Ice Cream Mixer: The root beer float gets company as ice cream gets mixed into all sorts of beverages to make new forms of shakes, floats, malts and coolers. The trend follows research showing an uptick in a return to the past.  Says Food Network:

“Nostalgia is certainly part of this trend. Sweets connect us to pleasant childhood memories, and those of us old enough to remember fondly the old drugstore soda fountains will enjoy the new twists on those old favorites.”

Newfangled sandwiches:  I’ve noticed this trend taking shape in scoop shops and restaurants across the Dairy State in recent years as ice cream sandwiches have gotten an upgrade. New flavors of premium ice cream between artisan cookies, brownies or mini brioche have emerged.
Try making some of these fancy ice cream concoctions at home (with gThanks to Food Network and Rachel Ray Magazine):

  • Sherbet Float Food Network
  • Coco Chocolate Chai Milkshake
  • Goat Cheese Ice Cream Sandwich

Enjoy these and other ice cream treats, during Memorial Day weekend, and throughout Ice Cream Season.

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