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A New Years thank you note lets employees, customers, and business partners know how much you value your relationships with them, and that you look forward to continuing to do business together.

It’s sometimes stressful figuring out what to say, but as Durham, N.C. Herald Sun columnist Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan says in “Write Those Thank You Notes,”

“The most important part of the thank you note is just doing it. I think they make thank you notes smaller than regular note cards because the thanker is struggling to fill that blank space. Now I see it pretty simply. Offer seasonal greetings. Say thank you. Finish up with a ‘Happy New Year’ and you’re all set.”

Show Appreciation for Those Who Help Make You Successful

Vaughan is referring to thank you notes for friends and family, but her central points apply to business thank you notes as well. Of course you’ll want to specifically thank recipients for helping your business achieve a successful year, whether it’s an employee’s hard work, a customer’s support, or a business partner’s excellent service. Include a positive message about continuing to work together this year.

In “Giving Thanks to Customers, Employees, and Others,” at BusinessWritingBlog,com, Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, founder of Syntax Training, notes that:

“The purpose of the thank-you gesture is to show appreciation for the people who help you succeed or make your work life enjoyable.”

The Personal Touch

It’s best to snailmail your thank you note if possible. In USA Today’s  “Best Ways to Say Thank You this Holiday Season,Tanya Rivera, a news anchor at WFMY-TV, quotes etiquette expert Sindy Martin on the do’s and don’ts of appreciation.

“If the person you are thanking tends to use e-mail, then a [thank you note via email is] appropriate. However, taking the time to write a short thank you note and actually put it in the mail really shows how much that person means to you and how grateful you are for the relationship.”

And in another of Gaertner-Johnston’s posts, “Holiday Greetings Made Easy,”  she offers suggestions for sending thank you notes to your customers, clients, employees, mentors, donors, vendors, service providers, and others who helped make your 2014 successful:

Printed vs. Handwritten Signature. Whenever possible, sign your cards rather than using a typed signature. Although a signature typed in gold or silver looks impressive, writing a message and signing your name shows a relationship with your reader. Pass around cards at your workplace and have people who know the recipients sign them.

Responding to Holiday Greetings. Although responding to holiday cards and greetings is not required, it’s thoughtful to do so. Whenever you can spread peace, joy, and friendship in the world, do it!

Writing Happy New Year. Why not use your readers’ languages to communicate  New Year’s greetings? For correct spellings of worldwide greetings, visit Omniglot. For some languages, Omniglot also provides pronunciations. Gaertner-Johnston offers sample New Year messages such as:

“Thank you for your business [last] year. It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals, and we look forward to contributing to your success in 2015. We wish you a prosperous and happy new year!”

If you’re looking for more examples of business thank you note messages, try the TinyPrints website. As the site says:

“A simple deed can create a loyal customer for life, and the [New Year is] the perfect time to share your gratitude and warm wishes with the people who do business with you all year long. And whether you own a small company or run a large corporation, a [thank you] card is one of the best ways to express appreciation towards clients and colleagues for their continued support.”

The same goes for employees and business partners, so send your New Years thank you notes today!

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