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Ever notice how people save and collect the holiday cards they receive? A holiday message of gratitude is memorable and meaningful. (Photo via slgckgc, Flickr)

Learning how to write a Thanksgiving letter to employees can be a transformative experience — for you, your staff and your company.
Take it from Brian Buffini, founder and chairman of the real estate training and coaching firm Buffini & Company.
In a recent column for Entrepreneur, Buffini writes about why sharing Thank You notes “should be as automatic as brushing your teeth.”
Buffini got the idea early in his career to write 10 notes a day to people he’d recently met, to business contacts and friends, or simply to those who came to mind.
Note-writing has been part of his routine over a quarter century. He writes thousands of notes in any given year.
“I’m a prolific note-writer to my clients, staff, family and friends. I firmly believe that the cumulative effect of all that goodwill over time has been one of the key ingredients for my success,” he writes.
One of the most important times to show appreciation through notes is at the holidays. At Thanksgiving in particular, we’re naturally drawn to gratitude, expressed and received.
Learn how to write a Thanksgiving letter to employees with gThankYou’s free guide on writing the perfect holiday Thank You letter. This step-by-step guide teaches all of the basics. It also includes lots of real-life examples written by CEOs and other leaders to inspire you.
Read on to find out more, and to see how Buffini has helped build his company culture through Thank You notes.

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The workplace is the last place gratitude gets expressed, according to a John Templeton Foundation survey.
Now here’s the twist: even though those surveyed were least likely to express gratitude in the workplace, they still wished to be thanked more frequently at work.
What can we learn from this? That the culture of most workplaces discourages heartfelt expressions of gratitude. Instead, too many workplace cultures are centered on unhealthy competition and the idea that a paycheck is thanks enough.
Workplace leaders have the power to change this dynamic.
Personal notes expressing gratitude have incredible power, according to Brian Buffini’s Entrepreneur column.
“When people open their mail, a personal note is always the first thing they read,” he writes. “After all, it stands out among all the junk mail and bills! And in this high-tech, social media-driven world, I find personal notes are even more powerful and better received than ever before.”
Buffini describes how Thank You notes are part of everyday office interactions and building business relationships at his consulting firm:

“Inside the walls of Buffini & Company, we even have our very own card store, where staff can simply walk in and pick a card for free for any occasion. You can’t put a price on the goodwill that departs our mailroom in thousands of personal notes and cards each week. We remind our clients every day that it’s important to be intentional about expressing their gratitude toward their customers. Make acknowledging and thanking people part of your daily routine. Just like brushing your teeth or writing tomorrow’s to-do list, it will become automatic.”

This holiday season, do your part to kickstart more frequent expressions of gratitude in your workplace. A Thanksgiving letter of gratitude to individual employees or the entire staff will get noticed — employees will feel the appreciation and in turn be more open to spreading gratitude.
Download the gThankYou eBook for practical and inspiring help on the process of writing a memorable Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s message to employees.
You’ll learn:

  • The business case for sharing a holiday “Thank You”
  • Real-life examples of memorable holiday letters from bosses in a variety of industries.
  • Best practices for thanking employees and ideas for brainstorming your own unique approach.
  • Tips on how to share your letter.

Wishing you and your team a joyful Thanksgiving holiday and holiday season!

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