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Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! Now is the perfect time to write a Thanksgiving letter to employees and share your heartfelt appreciation for all they do for you and your business.
If you are new to writing business Thank You notes or need a little inspiration, gThankYou’s new eBook “Put the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving: How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees” is here to help guide and inspire you.
Thanking employees anytime of the year is one of the best ways to engage employees and motivate their excellent work. But at Thanksgiving, your thanks takes on added meaning. Gratitude at Thanksgiving is more personal — it lets your employees know you value them not just as employees but as people. You’re honoring the all-American holiday when we celebrate and share our gratitude with family and friends.
Writing Thank You notes is a practice shared by many successful CEOs, but it’s not always easy to get started. What tone is appropriate? How can you express your appreciation sincerely? What do you say besides “thanks”? What’s the most effective way to share your letter?
“How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees” has the answers.
If the last Thank You note you wrote was to Grandma in fifth grade, don’t worry! Once you follow a few simple guidelines — and get ideas from our examples from workplace gratitude pros — you’ll be set to write your own memorable, meaningful Thank You letter to employees.

Thanksgiving: How One Company Is Thanking Employees

Mall of America sent a Thanksgiving letter to employees and tenants a little early this year — in October. The company had good news to share with workers who’ve had to do their jobs on Thanksgiving Day in previous years.
The letter announced that Mall of America would be closed until Black Friday, pushing back on the recent retail trend to open for shopping on Thanksgiving. Mall of America EVP Rich Hoge and SVP of Marketing Jill Renslow wrote to employees:

“In years past, we’ve all rallied together to answer the call for 24/7 shopper access that the Thanksgiving-Black Friday weekend brings. However, it also meant that team members may not have been able to share the day with family and friends. That is why this year we have made the decision to close on Thanksgiving Day so that team members can put that energy where it matters most: into making memories with the people they care about most.

The mall’s decision “puts it in the ranks of retailers such as REI that have also pushed back against the commercialization of traditional family holidays,” according to Footwear News. “It could impact its nearly 15,000 employees and 570 tenants, including stores and restaurants.”
The letter includes one of the hallmark characteristics of a great Thanksgiving letter to employees: a recognition that Thanksgiving is about enjoying family and sharing gratitude. A Thanksgiving letter to employees lets your staff know you’re thinking of them during this symbolic holiday and grateful for their dedication.
Want more examples like this of Thanksgiving Thank You’s from workplace leaders to employees? Read on and download your FREE eBook today for expert tips and real-life examples from leaders in a wide range of industries, from education to tech to shipping.

Learn How to Write Your Own Thanksgiving Letter to Employees

Employees are craving gratitude. The workplace is one of the last places gratitude gets expressed — because too many business leaders still subscribe to outdated ideas about employee recognition, such as a paycheck being “thanks enough.”
Yet studies show people love feeling grateful and love hearing appreciation from others. Leaders just need to pave the way by modeling gratitude first!
Grateful leadership has a ripple effect on employee engagement, inspiring better morale, higher quality and lower turnover. And one of the simplest ways you can become a more grateful leader is through a Thanksgiving letter to employees.
Our eBook guides you through the process. You’ll learn:

  • The business case for sharing a Thanksgiving “Thank You”
  • Real-life examples of memorable Thanksgiving letters from bosses in a variety of industries.
  • Best practices for thanking employees and ideas for brainstorming your own unique approach.
  • Tips on how to share your Thanksgiving letter.

This free eBook is for you — whether you’re an HR manager in charge of employee holiday gifts, a C-suite executive seeking practical advice for a company-wide Thanksgiving mailing, or a location manager who wants to hand-write individual Thank You cards to the whole team.
Why wait? Download your free copy now!

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