What's YOUR employee thank you plan?

Make gratitude a daily habit by organizing an employee Thank You plan for the year! (Image via jamiesrabbits, Flickr)

Keep everyone focused and accountable with an annual employee Thank You plan! Investing the time and effort in a year-long employee engagement plan will be a welcome relief in stressful times later in the year.
Workforce planning is a “big picture” HR strategy that anticipates the booms and busts of your company business cycle, and according to Workforce magazine, “Business people who just wait and then attempt to react to current events will not thrive for very long … The HR world is no different.”
Make gratitude part of that planning!
An employee Thank You plan helps managers understand the importance of employee appreciation, know when and how to hold workplace celebrations, and use the resources they have.
Read on for tips on building your own annual employee Thank You plan. It is the perfect time to start!

Why Plan Ahead?

Gratitude planning has many benefits as part of a holistic employee engagement strategy.
An employee Thank You plan:

  • Eliminates surprises. Don’t let the perfect celebration opportunity pass by because no one knew about it until the last minute.
  • Keeps appreciation front and center. Even during your company’s slow season, gratitude should be a regular practice and cause for celebration!
  • Prevents problems. Gratitude is about more than saying “thanks.” It’s an overall attitude that puts employees first and catches any conflicts before they become a problem. A strong recognition program builds engagement and strong relationships, keeping turnover low and satisfaction high!
  • Makes employee appreciation a strategic goal. Your business strategy goes far beyond putting out fires — making employees feel like valued members of your company day-in and day-out should be, too!
  • Helps achieve engagement and recognition goals. A plan frees you from chaotic, last-minute organizing, helping you achieve your engagement and recognition goals and allows more time for other big projects.
  • Demonstrates commitment to employees. Has gratitude been a low priority for your company in the past? If so, your employees definitely noticed! Having a Thank You plan tells employees that you’re committed to them, to their work and to excellent results.

Getting Started

Now’s the time to get creative! It’s important for your company to define engagement and gratitude on your own terms.
“To avoid platitudes, every organization should define employee engagement,” according to Workforce writer Rachele Williams. This ensures a meaningful plan that can be put into practice.
Williams gives three examples of how companies have defined employee engagement:

Company A: Commitment, work ethic and loyalty.

Company B: A combination of perceptions that have an impact on behavior — satisfaction, commitment, pride, loyalty, sense of personal responsibility and willingness to be an advocate for the organization.

Company C: An individual sense of purpose and focused energy, evident to others in the display of personal initiative, effort and persistence, that is directed toward organizational goals.

What definition works best for your company? How does your unique definition fit your company culture and goals?

Building a Year-Long Employee Thank You Plan

With a definition and goals for your employee Thank You plan in place, you’re ready to get down to specifics.
Lucky you — we’ve done the research for you! Our FREE Day-to-Day Celebration Calendar has tips on how to plan daily recognition and celebrate employees throughout the year.
This one-of-a-kind eBook will help you to build an everyday culture of appreciation with month-by-month guides, case studies, research highlights, how-to recognition advice and celebration ideas for specific holidays and anytime! Use it to inspire your creative thinking and to help structure a year-long employee Thank You plan that works for your organization.
Click the image below to download and start today!

2019 Employee Celebration Calendar - Free Download from gThankYou Employee Gifts

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