How gThankYou Gift Cards Work

At gThankYou we believe things should be convenient. That's why we make our Grocery Gift Cards as convenient as possible. They work the same way as our famous Turkey Gift Certificates and Ham Gift Certificates.


OnePurchase gThankyou Grocery Gift Cards using our online store or call us toll free at 888-484-1658. Placing your order usually takes 5 minutes or less.  For more information, click here.

Two Distribute gThankYou Gift Cards to employees, customers and friends.  Click here for more information.

TwoRedeem gThankYou Gift Cards for any groceries at any grocery store.  Click here for more about redeeming gThankYou Gift Cards

(Enough said.)


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More about Ordering gThankYou Gift Certificates…

gThankYou!gThankYou Grocery Gift Certificates are available in amounts of $10, $15, $20, $25 and $30. Certificates may be redeemed up to 100% their maximum value.

gThankYou!Shipping and handling charges are added to the price of Grocery Gift Cards, as follows:


$10.00 $1.00
$15.00 $1.50
$20.00 $2.00
$25.00 $2.50
$30.00 $3.00

NOTE: The Handling Fees for gThankYou Grocery Gift Cards are different than the Handling Fees for our Turkey and Ham Gift Certificates.  (Handling Fees for all other gThankYou Certificates are $0.50 (50¢) per Certificate.)

Shipping charges vary depending on the delivery service you choose. For example, UPS Ground service is $10 for any number of Gift Cards purchased.

For details, go to FAQ for Gift Certificate Givers.


More about Distributing gThankYou Gift Certificates…

gThankYou!This is the fun part! Our Grocery Gift Cards are easily distributed in paycheck envelopes or at the time of payroll. This makes them a convenient business gift, particularly if your workforce is in more than one location.

gThankYou!It's also the important part! When you distribute gThankYou Gift Cards it's the perfect time to say "thank you" to everyone in your company, division or work group. Employees will be grateful for the groceries and they'll remember your heartfelt "gThankYou!" — it's an opportunity to show co-workers you really care. Check out the gThankYou Blog for some great ways some of our customers distribute our Gift Certificates and Gift cards.

More about Redeeming gThankYou Gift Cards at grocery stores…

gThankYou!gThankYou Employee Gift Certificates may be redeemed at any grocery store or supermarket. However, we do not have relationships with club stores, such as Costco or Sam's Club. Our Gift Cards are processed the same way as cents-off coupons.

gThankYou!gThankYou Gift Cards may be redeemed for any brands of groceries — they just can't be used for alcoholic beverages tobacco products, prescription drugs or other non-food items.

gThankYou!To redeem a gThankYou Gift Cards, just give it to the cashier at the time of check-out. If your groceries cost more than the value of the Gift Card, just pay the difference. For example, if the price of your groceries is $16 and the value of the Certificate is $15, you would pay $1 to the store.

For details, go to FAQ for Retailers.


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