Holiday Turkey Gift Program planning made easy

Let gThankYou help simplify your holiday turkey gift program planning — we’re experts in employee gift-giving!

It’s one of the main reasons managers give for not thanking employees.
I just don’t have the time.
That’s a shame, because in the long run a robust employee appreciation program actually saves time. Employees who feel appreciated are more productive, and retention goes up.
This is especially true at the holidays, when time is at a premium.
Don’t let a time crunch keep your company from having a great holiday turkey gift program! Begin your planning now.
gThankYou makes it easy to share the gift of a Thanksgiving Turkey with Gift Certificates for any brand, any preparation of whole turkey, redeemable nationally at major grocery stores.
August is the ideal time to start planning your Thanksgiving turkey gifts.
If you plan now, the logistics will be taken care of — and you’ll have time to focus on what’s really important: sharing your Thanksgiving turkey gifts with a meaningful, thoughtful message of gratitude.
The sooner you have your program logistics in place, the more time you’ll have this holiday season for augmenting your holiday turkey gift program with personalized greetings, holiday parties and seasonal employee engagement activities.
And at the heart of it, you’ll be sharing a gift that evokes gratitude, family togetherness and the joy of the season. A turkey centerpiece is the perfect gift to share your workplace holiday gratitude! It’s a meaningful yet practical gift that everyone values and appreciates. Find out why turkeys have been given as employee gifts for over a century in “10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays”.

Be Smart: Plan Your Holiday Turkey Gift Program Now

Make your holiday turkey gift program easy.

Share your workplace thanks with the gift of a Thanksgiving turkey — a thoughtful gift everyone appreciates and enjoys sharing with family and friends.

Turkeys are a smart choice for employee gift-giving at the holidays. It’s a gift with universal appeal and represents the gratitude of an uniquely American holiday – Thanksgiving.
But giving actual turkeys is a hassle. Big, bulky frozen birds make inconvenient and cumbersome gifts.
Ask yourself…

  • Do you know what size bird each recipient needs for their family? If it’s too small or too big, it’s the wrong size.
  • How will your employees carry their frozen turkey home if they commute by bus, train or bicycle?
  • Do they have the freezer or refrigerator space to handle such a gift?
  • Do you know when they need the turkey?
  • If not all employees are at work on turkey hand-out day, how will you keep the turkeys frozen?

It all comes back to time.
Mass turkey distribution means time (and money!) diverted from other work activities.
That’s where gThankYou makes it easy for you to share a turkey gift – with Turkey Gift Certificates good for any brand of turkey and redeemable at virtually all grocery chain stores in the U.S.  You have all the tangible benefits of sharing an employee turkey gift, with none of the hassles of distributing frozen birds.

Planning your holiday turkey gift program with gThankYou saves managers the time and hassle of handling frozen turkeys — time they’ll be able to spend on thanking employees and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
It’s convenient for your recipients, too. They get to pick the turkey brand, size and preparation at the time and place that works for them.

How gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates Work

Turkey Gift Certificate - Employee Thanksgiving GiftThe gThankYou Team works hard to make your holiday turkey gift program easy and dependable. That’s why we’re America’s favorite Turkey and Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate. We’ve been in business for over 15 years providing practical food Certificates of Gratitude for employee and workplace appreciation.
gThankYou Certificates are Manufacturer Coupons, just like the cents-off coupons everyone uses. That’s what allows them to be redeemed at major grocery store chains across the U.S.
Select the value of Certificate that best fits your gift-giving objectives and budget. gThankYou! Turkey Certificates come in $10 to $30 values. Want more information? Check out our turkey gift certificate webpage and FAQ’s.
Free Enclosure Cards from gThankYouAll purchases come with free Certificate personalization of recipient and giver names (if you would like), as well as our popular free customizable gift Enclosure Cards. Our Enclosure Cards are printed on card stock and fit nicely in a standard business sized envelope along with the Certificates.
Choose from dozens of Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday themed Card designs, personalize your message and even have us include your company logo or a signature scan – all for FREE! We even send you a proof of your custom card for your approval or to share with management if needed.
Best yet, we do all that and ship same day so you can spend your time on what’s really important – engaging and appreciating your employees.
If you have a distributed workforce or many locations, we can help make logistics easy. Call us at 888-484-1658 and we can customize a plan that works for you.
Large volume purchases? Call us to learn more.
Ordering is easy online or give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest!
No need to stress about your holiday turkey gift program, let gThankYou help make it easy for you!

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