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Download your free guide to gThankYou’s Holiday Gift Certificates. Our Gift Certificates are a valued way to show gratitude to employees and customers at the holiday season.

Holiday Gift Certificates from gThankYou are a practical, convenient and appreciated way to show your seasonal gratitude to employees and customers at the holidays.
A gThankYou! Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificate — or any of gThankYou’s Gift Certificates for popular food items — can be redeemed at major grocery stores nationwide, at the time that’s right for your recipients.
Recipients can redeem their Holiday Gift Certificates for any brandany size and any preparation of a turkey, ham or other item specified.
Plus, you won’t need to worry about finding holiday cards to accompany your gifts at the last-minute. All gThankYou Holiday Gift Certificates come with your choice of customizable “Thank You” Gratitude CardsFREE.
Don’t miss this opportunity to show appreciation in your business at this important time of year!
As TalentCulture’s Jason Lauritsen writes, work is a relationship, not a contract. And the #1 relationship-builder is appreciation.
No matter what holiday traditions your employees and customers celebrate, gratitude is the theme of the season. Your sincere thanks, accompanied by gThankYou’s Holiday Gift Certificates as tokens of gratitude, sends a strong message that you value your relationship with each and every one.
“Decades of employee engagement research have been trying to tell us something incredibly important and simple,” Lauritsen writes. “To create an organization where employees will be fully engaged and committed means rethinking everything about the work experience. It means redesigning the work experience to function like a healthy relationship.”
Acceptance, communication, support, commitment and time are all key to relationship-building in the workplace, according to Lauritsen.
But appreciation tops the list.
“As human beings, we crave acknowledgement and validation. In our relationship with our employer, we need to know that we are seen and our work is noticed. Not just when it’s deemed important or when we go above and beyond,” he writes.
Read on for ideas of gThankYou Holiday Gift Certificates to share in your workplace this holiday season!

5 Holiday Gift Certificates for Sharing ‘Thanks’ This Season

gThankYou offers several Gift Certificates that are perfect for thanking employees and customers at the holidays. See all our Certificate of Gratitude choices here.
gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates1. gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate
Sharing a holiday turkey is a popular workplace gift tradition going back generations. A turkey is a thoughtful, uniquely American gift that’s an iconic symbol of gratitude and is enjoyed by the whole family.
In generations past, employers handed out bulky, heavy frozen turkeys. It was a logistics nightmare. gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates make it easy for everyone to enjoy a turkey gift, without the hassle of buying, storing and distributing frozen birds. Recipients like it better, too — they choose the brand, size and preparation of turkey that’s right for their family.
Sharing Turkey Gift Certificates in your workplace is practical, meaningful and smart for business. Download “10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays” for a one-page sheet to share with your management team.
2. gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificate
Ham Gift CertificatesWhen you share a holiday ham gift with your colleagues, employees or customers, you’re giving more than ham. You’re sharing a symbol of the gratitude and joy people associate with the holidays and with celebrating a special meal with family and friends. A ham centerpiece to a holiday meal is an appreciated and meaningful gift.
Most importantly, you’re letting your employees know how much you value them. When your employees sit down with family to enjoy their ham at Christmas or Easter, your company and your gratitude will be on their minds!
Add a bonus gift for your holiday ham recipients: share gThankYou’s FREE “Holiday Ham Cookbook” or “Spring Ham Primer.” These downloadable step-by-step guides have everything Certificate recipients need to serve the perfect ham, including how to choose the right ham and practical tips and recipes for cooking glazes.
3. gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate
gThankYou! Turkey Or Ham Gift CertificateGive employees the choice of the centerpiece for their holiday meal with a Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificate – good for a whole turkey or half or whole ham.
gThankYou! Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates are versatile — and appreciated at the holidays or year-round. Everyone loves receiving a holiday gift they can share and enjoy together with family and friends.
gThankYou’s holiday food gifts can be used anytime from Thanksgiving all the way through Easter! We believe in giving recipients plenty of time to redeem and enjoy their gift, whenever is best for them.
gThankYou! Fruits & Vegetables FREE Gratitude Card4. gThankYou! Fruits and Vegetables Gift Certificate
Combine with gThankYou! Turkey or Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates to provide the gift of a complete meal at the holidays. The meal we share with family at the holidays is a special time of bonding and gratitude. A voucher for fruits and vegetables is the thoughtful accompaniment to your company’s holiday well-wishing.
gThankYou! Fruits and Vegetables Gift Certificates are also great to share alone as a valued holiday gift for vegetarian employees and their families. Let vegetarians know you care with a gift that everyone enjoys but is especially valued by them.
Rewarding employees with Fruits and Vegetables Gift Certificates is also a budget-friendly way to reinforce wellbeing goals over the holidays and promotes sustainable workplace wellness anytime. A healthy reward has an immediate, meaningful and positive impact on employees!
gThankYou! Pie Certificate5. gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificate
A gift certificate for Pie is an easy and affordable way to share a meaningful holiday gift that everyone will appreciate and enjoy. Let your recipients choose their favorite holiday dessert to share with family and friends — pumpkin, pecan, apple, banana cream, even cheesecake. It’s the perfect holiday treat for saying “Thank You”!
Share your Pie Certificates as standalone gifts, or with gThankYou! Ice Cream Gift Certificates for an “à la mode” indulgence. Pie Gift Certificates also make great add-on gifts during the holidays — combine with gThankYou! Holiday Gift Certificates for a Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas Ham, or Groceries to share a complete holiday meal.

Your Guide to Year-Round Gratitude for Employees and Customers

Sharing your sincere gratitude during the holidays with employees and customers is good for your business and building positive company spirit. Keep those good feeling going year-round by focusing on opportunities to engage, appreciate and celebrate those important to your business.
Download our recently refreshed and updated Ultimate Employee Gift-Giving Guide and be inspired by the latest research in recognition, cases studies in building a culture of appreciation. Make the new year a great one by taking the steps to understand and invest in appreciation grounded recognition. We wish you continued inspiration and success.
Download our FREE guide now!

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Gift-Giving by gThankYou.


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