gThankYou: delighting employees certificates of gratitude for 10 years!

2017 marks gThankYou’s 10th year of helping business leaders show their appreciation with Certificates of Gratitude.

gThankYou is proud to be celebrating 10 years of delighting employees, customers and workplace leaders with meaningful food gifts like a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas Ham.
To our fantastic customers: We couldn’t have done it without you!
Over the past decade, our Certificates of Gratitude have helped countless workplace leaders show their appreciation at the holidays and anytime.
We are grateful to our customers for choosing gThankYou to celebrate workers and customers. We couldn’t have reached this business milestone without your support and trust.
THANK YOU, seriously.
The gThankYou! Team believes happiness and engagement are key ingredients for a successful workplace. It isn’t easy to run a successful business where employees are loyal and the everyday culture is vibrant and engaging. But it’s possible — anyone can start today — and the benefits are worth it!
We appreciate that so many businesses choose gThankYou to help celebrate employees at the holidays and year-round.
In the spirit of celebrating gratitude, we’ve picked some of our favorite gratitude-related blog posts here on “Celebrating Work”— click through below to be inspired. We wish everyone success in building a successful workplace culture!
With sincere thanks to all for your business and support,
Rick Kiley, Liz King & The gThankYou Team

gThankYou: Our 10 Best Recent Blog Posts About Workplace Gratitude

Gratitude is about so much more than saying, “Thanks.” Check out these blog posts from the past few months for practical tips and the latest thinking.

1. 8 Gratitude Activities for the Workplace to Try Today
Gratitude is not a one-and-done activity. It’s a practice. Think of it in terms of physical fitness: recognition is like physical strength, and gratitude is the practice that maintains it and makes it stronger. Try these gratitude activities to start flexing!
2. Workplace Gratitude in Action
Volunteerism is gratitude in action! Read about recent examples of workplaces rallying to help hurricane victims.
3. Engaging Blue-Collar Workers: A How-To Guide
Learn about how to show gratitude to a segment of the workforce that needs it most: blue-collar workers!

certificates of gratitude gapingvoid gthankyou

Gratitude feeds a family-like, family-friendly culture! (Art by GapingVoid)

4. Build a Family-Friendly Workplace with Flexible Benefits
During the school year, are you engaging employees with flexible workplace benefits? Flexible workplace benefits consider employee experience in practical ways that help employees manage work-life balance and build a more family-friendly workplace. Plus: tips for family-friendly gift-giving and celebrations.
5. Workplace Exercise Incentives That Turn #Goals to Reality
Explore the latest research on the most effective and encouraging ways to show gratitude to participants in your wellness programs. (Hint: cash isn’t the #1 motivator.)
6. Employee Appreciation for a Multigenerational Workforce
There’s lots of advice out there on engaging Millennials and the up-and-coming Generation Z — but it doesn’t always reflect reality. Today’s workforce is decidedly multigenerational — grandpas working alongside thirtysomething moms working alongside recent college grads or even teens still in high school. We gathered the latest thinking on engaging employees and expressing gratitude in the multigenerational workplace.
7. 12 TED Talks to Inspire Better Workplace Culture
Nothing like a good story to inspire your own leadership! Take a mini-break to watch these TED Talks related to building better workplace cultures through innovative thinking and gratitude.
8. Want a Happier Workplace? Practice Employee Gratitude
Don’t know where to start when it comes to workplace gratitude? Read this primer.
9. How Organizational Storytelling Boosts Employee Loyalty
The best workplace leaders aren’t just expressing gratitude to their employees — they’re also making gratitude the key storyline in their company story. It motivates current employees and attracts new hires.
10. How Employee Welcome Gifts Help Your Company
Speaking of new hires, welcome gifts are a great way to infuse gratitude into your employee on-boarding experience. Make new hires feel welcome and included from Day One!
Have your own workplace gratitude story to tell? OpenIDEO is still accepting submissions of ideas about gratitude in the workplace — don’t miss out on your company’s opportunity to be part of this important research.
And, be sure to download your “how-to” guide to building workplace gratitudefree from your friends at gThankYou!

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