gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate

gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates have universal appeal and are good for ANY BRAND, at virtually ANY GROCER in the U.S.

Plan now for your Fall Turkey Promotion with gThankYou! and rest easy knowing you’ll be ready with an easy, effective way to grow your business this autumn.
A fall turkey promotion boosts your business during the ramp-up to the busy holiday shopping season, a key period for enticing new customers and thanking your loyal customers.
When you choose gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates for your fall turkey promotion, we make it easy for you to offer a practical, meaningful and seasonal gift of gratitude that has broad appeal!

Why Plan Early?

The holiday shopping season brings in a cool $1 trillion, or about 6 percent of the entire U.S. economy. For the retail industry, holiday shopping accounts for about 20 percent of annual sales, according to the National Retail Federation.
Choose a fall turkey promotion and you’re getting a head start on cultivating repeat customers as the holiday shopping season heats up.
When you start your promotions early, you have more time to connect with customers, get to know them and provide meaningful enticement for their return business. Shoppers start their planning early — so it’s important to start planning your promotions early, too.
By July, nearly half of shoppers in a Google survey had already made plans for when to purchase their holiday gifts and were already deciding on brands and products.
“Of those actively planning, 30 percent are expecting to start before Halloween, with 9 percent starting before Labor Day,” according to Think With Google bloggers Erin Dean, Jacalyn Stolt and Nina Thatcher.
Starting early is also an opportunity to reach the full 51 percent of shoppers who haven’t yet started planning or making purchasing decisions by mid-summer.
“With pervasive marketing efforts, you can get them thinking about the holidays — and your brand — before any others,” the Google team writes.
Finding repeat customers and keeping them happy are the bread and butter of business-building.
Steady customers help businesses weather lean economic times,” writes SumAll blogger Mark Uzunian. “Businesses with 40 percent repeat customers generated nearly 50 percent more revenue than similar businesses with only 10 percent repeat customers.”
Sharing a promotion gift or perk with first-time customers, especially on high-value purchases, increases the likelihood that they’ll become repeat customers, according to Uzunian.

An Easy Way to Entice Customers to choose your business

A fall turkey promotion is an adaptable, affordable driver of customer engagement, well-suited across industries and in a variety of business settings. It allows you the choice to reward customers the way that makes sense for your business – driving customers to choose your business or as a “thank you” to loyal customers.
A gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate is the perfect customer “thank you” for:

  • making a large purchase
  • being loyal and engaged with your store or business
  • engaging with a product that relates to your business, such as test-driving a car at an auto dealership or working with your real-estate agency
  • using a service that relates to your business, such as taking a hearing test at a hearing-aid store or trying your dry-cleaning business

In turn, recipients love the flexibility to choose their favorite Brand of Turkey, at the Grocery store they want, anywhere in the U.S.
Successful promotions tap into what people care about, according to Mando CEO and The Drum columnist Becky Munday. In most cases, she writes, this means “children, pets, friends and hobbies rank highly.”
A gift of turkey evokes the best of Thanksgiving and the holiday season: family, gratitude, sharing a meaningful meal together. This gives it a uniquely wide appeal. It’s a thoughtful gift everyone appreciates and brings thoughts of thanks to your business at the holiday table.

How a Fall Turkey Promotion Works

At gThankYou! we make it easy for you to share appreciation with customers, clients and employees. Volume discounts are available. Ordering is easy — either order online or call us at 888-484-1658.
Ultimate-Thanksgiving-Turkey-Guide-Spread-SM copyCertificates can be personalized with your company name or logo and virtually all orders ship the day received. That means you can have them as early as tomorrow morning.
We provide FREE “Thank You” Cards that can be customized with your message and company logo, and we even offer a Thanksgiving Turkey Cookbook, free for downloading.
Unlike bulky, heavy or perishable gifts, gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates are convenient, lightweight and don’t need special storage or refrigeration.
However you choose to share your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates, be sure it’s shared personally – ideally with a handshake and a warm smile. Your fall turkey promotion, before anything else, is about making connections. It’s your chance to meet and get to know your customers better and sooner, seek their valued opinions and thank them personally for their business.
And don’t forget about the people running your fall turkey promotion! Happy employees make happy customers. For comprehensive how-to information on building a vibrant culture of engagement and appreciation in the workplace, download our FREE eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Employee Gift-Giving” and start today!
Download FREE eBook, "The Ultimate Guide to Employee Gift-Giving" Now!
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