Ice cream makes everyone smile! Delight employees by celebrating National Ice Cream Day in your workplace!

We’re halfway through July and would be remiss if we didn’t mention that this month is National Ice Cream Month! In fact, this Sunday, July 18, is National Ice Cream Day. It’s apt to point out the many ways to celebrate everyone’s favorite frozen treat.
As the story goes, former President Ronald Reagan in 1984 named July National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday in July National Ice Cream Day. In true populist fashion, he proclaimed the celebration pointing out that a full 90% of Americans love ice cream. Sounds about right.
There are so many ways to celebrate with ice cream from an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social to trying new concoctions.

The World Dairy Diary Blog recently featured the dessert by self-proclaimed Grillmaster Rick Browne. It’s a version of Baked Alaska you can make on the grill. (Is there anything you can’t prepare on the grill?) Check locally to find ice cream festivities where you live this weekend.
Here’s some ways people are celebrating Ice Cream this year:

  • Scope out freebies, like these at Buffalo’s Perry’s shops.
  • Go for some artisanal treats. Because we in the U.S. eat more ice cream per person than any other country, every town and city has its own special scoop shop, with specially made Ice Cream, like these in Minneapolis.
  • Play Ice Cream Trivia while enjoying your favorite dish or cone. This BuzzFeed post, “17 Things You Might Not Know About Ice Cream”  has good bit of history to get you started!

Remember, you have the whole of the month to celebrate. How will you mark this cool occasion?

National Ice Cream Day!

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