Fruit & Vegetable Certificate Details

All gThankYou Gift Certificates work the same way.

Here are extra Details for Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates.

What dollar value Certificates should I purchase?

That’s up to you.

The greater the dollar value of the Certificates you purchase, the more fruits & vegetables Certificate recipients receive without paying extra.

Recipients redeem the Certificates at any grocery store they choose, any time they choose, for any Fruits & Vegetables they want. The grocery store handles the Gift Certificates the same way it handles any other manufacturer cents-off coupon. It's that simple.

What can be purchased with gThankYou Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates?

The Certificate holder can purchase any variety of fruits and vegetables, whether fresh, frozen or packaged.

Are there THINGS I CANNOT BUY with gThankYou Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificates?

Yes. You can only buy fruits and vegetables, fresh, frozen or packaged.