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Your employee Thank You is as simple as sharing a few words of gratitude — and it’s absolutely essential to retaining employees! (Image via funnyshirts, Flickr)

A sincere employee Thank You is easy and priceless — losing your valued employees is not.
A TINYpulse study of thousands of employees found a strong link between how valued people feel and the likelihood that they’d reapply to their current job.
“It might seem too good to be true that something as simple as recognizing your employees can be so important to job satisfaction,” writes Dora Wang in her When I Work blog post “Using Employee Recognition to Prevent Workers from Quitting.”
But it is true: a simple employee Thank You — a few words of gratitude for being kind to a customer, for taking initiative on a tough project or for working quickly to meet a deadline — is a powerful, cost-effective way to keep your employees feeling valued, motivated and engaged in their jobs.

Just saying the words “thank you” can make the difference between an employee staying or leaving. Beverly Kaye, CEO of Career Systems International, explains potential consequences in a Harvard Business Review video.
Kaye interviewed a woman who was thrilled to have her dream job in a major Hollywood studio. One week, the woman worked until 2 a.m. four days in a row to meet a deadline. Her boss knew and never said a word, and she left because she’d had enough.
“I left for want of a thank you and a hamburger. If he’d said, ‘I know you’ve been working late, thank you. Have dinner on me’ — I’d have stayed,” she said. Six months later she had a great freelance gig consulting with the same division and boss for a lot more money.

Now is no time to lose staff for want of gratitude, either — especially if your business is gearing up for the busy holiday season. Read on for tips on building your company’s culture of gratitude, one employee Thank You at a time!

Why a Simple Employee Thank You Keeps turnover low

Turnover drains a company’s bottom line. Besides the obvious costs associated with finding, hiring and training new employees, HR expert Suzanne Lucas points to the numerous other costs that never show up on a profit-and-loss report or budget. In her Inc. article, “How Much Employee Turnover Really Costs You,” she highlights the hidden costs of low retention: knowledge loss, lowered productivity, valuable management time wasted and overworked remaining staff.
Keeping employees “is one of the most important investments you can make in your company,” Wang writes in her When I Work post.
But before you start handing out bonuses or throwing money at lavish employee perks to entice people to stick around, ask yourself: How appreciated do my employees feel?
If your employees aren’t hearing “thank you” enough, they’re in a good position to leave. The strengthening job market, with job openings at a 15-year-high, means “employees are in the driver’s seat,” Globoforce CEO Eric Mosley writes in a HuffPost column “3 Ways That Recognition Reduces Employee Turnover.”
“More than ever,” Mosley writes, “culture is a competitive differentiator, and a key part of attracting, engaging and ultimately retaining employees.”
A culture that values regular employee Thank You’s protects your company from high turnover.

3 Proven Ways to Increase Workplace Gratitude

It's easy to share your employee thank you!Want to say and hear the words “Thank You” more often around your workplace? Try these three proven methods for increasing workplace gratitude:
1. Train (and Support!) Your Managers in Employee Recognition
Gratitude comes naturally, but sharing gratitude in the workplace takes skill and institutional support. Make sure your managers understand the significance of their employee Thank You — and give them the training, tools and ongoing support they need to have optimal impact. For tips on getting a training program started in your workplace, read our post “Why You Need to Invest in Employee Recognition Training.”
2. Start a Peer Recognition Program
Are your employees given the opportunity and time to thank each other? For instance, at the start of a daily or weekly meeting, do you encourage employees to go around and voice their appreciation of other employees? Harnessing the power of peer-to-peer employee recognition is trending as a way to augment management-initiated recognition programs. Learn more and read about examples of companies with sustainable peer recognition programs in our post “Empower Employees with Peer-to-Peer Recognition.”
3. Make Your Holiday Gift-Giving Program More Meaningful
Employee gifts are most meaningful when accompanied by sincere and personalized messages of gratitude. When you share employee thank you gifts this holiday season, be sure you’re not just giving out of obligation or because you want to impress employees. Recipients sense insincerity a mile off. Instead, focus on the reason for your gift. Even a small, inexpensive gift will have a big impact if it’s shared with genuine, well-articulated gratitude.
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