Or…Valentine’s Day—It’s not just for romance anymore.

It’s a great day to show employees, coworkers, and customers how much you appreciate them, notes Megan Smith, eHow contributor, in
Valentine Gifts for Coworkers.”

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Persis Swift , in HR resource Capital Associates Industries’ Workplace Insights blog, “9 Ways to Show Your Employees Some Love, writes:

“Demonstrating to your employees that you value and appreciate the work they put in each week will yield a positive outcome. Employees are more satisfied in their job when they know their efforts are appreciated and are making a difference for the company. High job satisfaction rates lead to more engaged workers, and more engaged workers increase business productivity.”

Cathy Warschaw of the Warschaw Learning Institute, at writers community SearchWarp.com shares a similar thought in “Valentine Ideas for the Workplace.”

“Bosses, managers, supervisors,” she writes. “Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate how much you appreciate all the hard work your employees put in for the business throughout the year. Many employees love to feel valued by a boss who can express his or her thanks in many ways. Research shows that employees who feel appreciated by their boss work harder and are happier in the workplace than the employees who don’t feel valued.”

She suggests:

  • Host a Valentine Day’s luncheon—blow up balloons, pass out candy, and munch on savory and sweet goodies.
  • Distribute gift certificates or gift cards in small denominations to employees.
  • Write each staff member a thank you note telling them what they do to make the workplace special.
  • Hand out little goodie bags filled with treats to each staff person.
  • Suggest an after-work get-together at a local restaurant or pub to share food and drinks.

Swift adds:

  • If you hold a Valentine’s Day lunch, provide the main dish, but encourage your staffers to bring in Valentine’s Day themed desserts.
  • Plan a group outing for all of your employees. Whether it’s bowling or volunteering, the outing will be a good bonding experience.
  • Decorate your facility with holiday decorations, such as red and pink streamers and paper hearts.
  • Treat employees to a family-friendly get together, like a weekend pizza party or Friday evening movie.

And, concludes Warschaw:

  • Don’t forget about vendors and businesses that you work with on a regular basis—a simple thank you card should do just fine. 
  • Coworkers can also get in on the Valentine Day’s fun by letting colleagues know how much they appreciate being able to depend on each other. 

Above all, remember to show Valentine’s Day appreciation to customers, Warschaw indicates .

“[They’re] at the heart of every business—so what better time of the year to celebrate them?…Your customers will be flattered and pleased that you remembered them on such an amiable holiday.”

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