Your employee Christmas gifts aren’t complete without an expression of gratitude.

Employee Christmas Gifts Need Thank You Cards - Download our Catalog of Winter Holiday Designs.

Your employee Christmas gifts aren’t complete without “Thank You” cards — take advantage of gThankYou’s Winter Holiday Gratitude Cards, free with every purchase.

Good news: all gThankYou Gift Certificates come with customizable, personalized Gratitude Cardsfree!
Simply choose your design and give us your personal message of holiday appreciation for recipients. We create your custom card and can even add your company logo or management signature if you like. gThankYou Gratitude Cards are the perfect addition to make your employee Christmas gift meaningful and memorable.

We’re excited to unveil new Gratitude Card designs for the 2017 winter holidays, adding to dozens of favorites to fit any company culture and occasion.
It’s absolutely essential to show your appreciation to employees, at the holidays and year-round.
A paycheck isn’t enough, no matter how generous.
A new study from Payscale shows that how employees feel about their organization’s approach to pay and compensation has a higher impact on their job satisfaction than the actual amount they are paid.
The 500,000+ employees surveyed for the study said they want something beyond pay: appreciation.
“Appreciation raised the satisfaction meter higher than any other factor,” according to an HR Drive analysis of the study. “PayScale’s call-out of appreciation is important for direct managers. Simply taking the time to say ‘Thank You’ can do wonders for workplace culture.”

5 New Winter Gratitude Cards for Employee Christmas Gifts

At gThankYou, we believe so much in the importance of communicating workplace appreciation, we provide free Thank You cards with every purchase.
We offer dozens of Winter Holiday Gratitude Card designs for you to choose from to accompany your employee Christmas gifts this year. Check out our brand-new designs for this holiday season below and download our Christmas and Winter Holiday Gratitude Card Design Catalog to see our most popular design choices.
New for the 2017 Christmas and Winter Holiday Season:
1. Holly Holiday
"Holly Holiday" Employee Christmas Card for your employee Christmas gifts.
2. Snowy Day
"Snowy Day" Employee Christmas Card for your employee Christmas gifts.
3. Santa’s Team
"Santa's Team" Employee Gift Card for your employee Christmas gifts.
4. Peace On Earth
"Peace On Earth" Employee Gift Card for your employee Christmas gifts.
5. Joy, Love, Christmas!
"Love, Joy, Christmas" Employee Christmas Gift Card for your employee Christmas gifts.


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