Build a culture of appreciation with this free employee celebration calendar ebook from gThankYou!The most successful organizations know the importance of appreciating employees day in and day out. That’s why we’re excited to announce our FREE Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar.  This “how to” guide to building an everyday culture of appreciation is our gift to you!
Inside this one-of-a-kind eBook, we give you the tools to educate and inspire you to build an everyday culture of appreciation. You’ll find:

  • Case studies, research highlights and expert insights into building a culture of daily appreciation
  • Opportunities for anytime workplace celebration
  • “How-to” ideas to energize recognition planning
  • “Don’t Miss” and “Ready-to-go” Celebrations month by month

So why not hit “refresh” on your workplace culture? Make 2016 the year you energize your organization with a coordinated employee recognition program that builds a happy, engaged, loyal and productive workplace!

Plan Better in 2016: Why An Employee Celebration Calendar Is Essential

There is no “one size fits all” approach to recognizing workers. Employee recognition is about so much more than end-of-the-year dinners and employee-of-the-month plaques.
That’s why we’ve designed an Employee Celebration Calendar: we want to inspire you to bring your engagement to a higher level and find the recognition approach that works for your organization. You know your company best!
Our how-to guide walks you through planning for seasonal engagement and a wide variety of holidays, organized by month. For those just starting an engagement program, we’ve included an assessment to help you define your organization’s basic engagement needs and your best approach to expand engagement.
Throughout the calendar, you’ll also find:

  • revealing statistics and research
  • mini case studies in celebrating employees
  • “anytime” recognition ideas
  • essential everyday engagement tips

The Employee Celebration Calendar is intended as a year-round reference guide — so skip ahead, go back, reread and return to it whenever you need a little creative inspiration. This is “choose your own adventure” engagement!
Steve Jobs famously described creativity as “just connecting things.” That’s why we’ve put together this Employee Celebration Calendar: to help you make the connections that spark innovation and help you build a unique, effective employee engagement program that fits your organization.

Why Now?

A 2015 trend report by Quantum Workplace found that employee engagement is at its lowest point in eight years. But there is hope. As new research reveals better ways of engaging employees, the response to innovate has been incredible — and you’ll want to be at the forefront.
With so much innovation happening right now in the world of HR, now is the perfect time to evaluate your employee recognition needs — whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to polish an existing program.
A study by Bersin & Associates found that 87 percent of the $46 billion spent on employee recognition every year goes toward outdated, ineffective tenure-based recognition such as pins and awards dinners for senior employees. The spirit of these efforts is in the right place, but now we know it isn’t enough.
The latest science shows employees respond better to frequent celebrations and on-the-spot, peer-to-peer and results-based recognition. Not only that, but researchers are finally documenting the amazing effect successful employee recognition has on overall performance and productivity.
The Bersin study found that companies that scored in the top 20 percent for building “recognition-rich culture” had 31 percent lower voluntary turnover rates — an outcome many CEOs would pay millions to achieve!
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Start building your culture of appreciation today!

Our Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar is short enough to print off for your whole team but substantial enough to refer back to all year-long. Download yours today, absolutely free, and get your planning started for the New Year!

Download Free How-To Guide to Building a Culture of Appreciation

We hope you enjoy this gift from all of us here at gThankYou. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and inspired new year!
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