Welcome Back to Work


Workforces are trickling back into office buildings and teams are rejoining in person after a long pandemic-related hiatus. It feels a bit like starting over, doesn’t it? While safety is the number one priority, it’s also critical to view this period as an opportunity for employee appreciation.

What is Reboarding? According to HR Daily Advisor,

“Reboarding is the concept of bringing individuals back who were previous employees but away for some period of time. The idea is to modify onboarding for someone who is already familiar with your company but has been away.”

Here at gThankYou, we are extremely optimistic about the potential for reboarding across all industries in businesses of all sizes. While there will be the necessary burden of policies, daily minutia, schedule conversations and so much more, there is also the gift of a restart — and employee appreciation.

What if NOW was the perfect time to shift your leadership mentality? What if you lead all efforts in the “return to normalcy” with a mindset of employee appreciation? We recommend welcoming employees back with a few things in mind that could shape or reshape your culture for years to come.

Reboarding Welcome Back! Tips

Welcome Back Tips

1. Say, “Thank you.”
Easy, yet powerful. Don’t just imply your thanks but take the time to acknowledge that your team went through a hard period of life, stayed resilient, and are coming back. This shows commitment and perseverance that deserves acknowledgement. Take a look at our blog on The Power of Workplace Gratitude.

2. Ask questions.
Whether your leadership team has historically been “all ears” or a bit more hesitant to open the feedback floodgates, now is the time to welcome ideas for a better tomorrow. Through surveys or personal reboarding conversations, there has never been a better time to find out how employees feel, listen to ideas, and implement ways to illustrate that they are heard and appreciated.

3. Keep your culture in mind.
Our friends at Gallup remind us that it’s vital to keep your culture in mind as you welcome employees back to work. Much has changed with the pandemic, not the least of which are attitudes about remote work. With so many different back to work options, Gallup suggests, “organizations need to be intentional about creating new rituals that can withstand the new dynamics of work.” They go on to explain the need for organizations to evolve to be employee-centered in this new work world.

“To succeed in this new era of work, organizations must create a people-centered employee experience that reinforces their purpose, brand and culture.”

4. Social options!
We’ve all seen the memes about extroverts vs introverts in the Pandemic, whether it was a blissful reason to isolate or a prison sentence. It isn’t that simple, of course, and people don’t fall into one of two categories. Acknowledge that there are people who:
(a) are SO happy to break out of isolation and are dying for socialization;
(b) want to ease back in slowly, or;
(c) have anxiety about socialization or resocialization; or a mixture of feelings.
Try to offer a few social options that can bring people together that either missed their colleagues or haven’t even met! (People onboarded during the Pandemic deserve their own special attention.)

Show Employee Appreciation & Gratitude TODAY

Don’t overthink gratitude or wait for the holidays (although planning ahead isn’t a bad idea). Meaningful gestures come in all sizes and are possible within all budgets. A smile and thank you is free and powerful and should be used with abundance. If you are intentional and authentically grateful, it will show.

Here is a great resource for how to show employee appreciation year-round: 2022 Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar.

We wish you and your teams the best as you collaborate for a new, healthy beginning! Check out our blog, resources or case studies for inspiration.

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