Employee appreciation ideas for fall

Fall is here, and that means the holiday season is around the corner. We’ve got employee appreciation ideas to help you sail through 4th Quarter!

Fall is here, and that means the holiday season is just around the corner. We’ve got employee appreciation ideas to help you sail through 4th Quarter — from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s!
Appreciation should be an everyday workplace communication goal.
Continuous conversations and feedback are the #1 megatrend in HR and business today, according to a Globoforce white paper.
“Annual performance reviews are an outdated model — a relic of old HR processes,” the white paper states.
In the place of these annual performance reviews, HR is moving toward a model of “continuous conversations” and ongoing check-ins that “align employees behind organization priorities.”
That’s where employee appreciation comes in. It’s essential to this new model of engagement.
“There will always be the need for constructive feedback to help guide employees. But the heavier concentration for feedback should veer toward the positive, celebratory side of the spectrum, which is the proven way to elevate performance and meet employees’ high-level needs,” according to Globoforce.
That’s right — the HR experts at Globoforce are giving us license to celebrate more, share more gratitude and have more fun at work!
But if you’re in charge of planning and organizing all those activities, it may seem daunting and like … more work.
The good news: building an everyday workplace culture of employee appreciation and gratitude doesn’t have to be a grind. We’ve got tips and employee appreciation ideas to inspire you through the end of 2017 and beyond.
Commit now to ringing in 2018 with a happier, more engaged culture at your company.

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Another megatrend in HR? HR as “culture facilitator.”
According to Globoforce, the trends reshaping business and management in recent years put HR in a new position — moving HR from the back of the room to the position of “coach to the entire organization.”
Ultimately, this new model gives HR the opportunity “to drive a more human workplace and positive employee experience, breaking down past bureaucracies.”
How will your HR team use this position to promote good within your organization?
One of the best ways to promote everyday appreciation is through low-key, fun celebrations. The fall season is full of holidays — official and unofficial — that are perfect for team-building and celebrating employee appreciation. Here are just a few:

  • Oct. 1: National Homemade Cookies Day
  • Oct. 2: National Custodial Workers Day
  • Oct. 5: Do Something Nice Day
  • Oct. 16: National Boss Day
  • Oct. 28: Make a Difference Day
  • Oct. 31: Halloween
  • Nov. 10: World Science Day for Peace & Development
  • Nov. 11: Veterans Day
  • Nov 13: World Kindness Day
  • Nov. 16: Great American Smokeout
  • Nov. 23: Thanksgiving
  • Nov. 28: Giving Tuesday
  • Dec. 5: International Volunteer Day
  • Dec. 16: National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day
  • Dec. 21: Winter Solstice
  • Dec. 23: Festivus
  • Dec. 25: Christmas
  • Dec. 26: National Thank You Note Day
  • Dec. 31: New Year’s Eve

Download our FREE eBook, “2017 Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar” for holiday celebration ideas — and for everyday non-holiday employee appreciation ideas, including how to:

  • foster a culture of fun at work
  • master the art of giving thanks by learning the five types of appreciation
  • distribute employee gifts like Santa (no sleigh required!)

Plus, you’ll find case studies, stats, tips, research, best practices and more for increasing employee engagement and building a happier, more productive workplace culture.
We all need inspiration to spread workplace gratitude daily. gThankYou’s “2017 Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar” gives you the tools and inspiration to build a culture of appreciation every day of the year. Be inspired — download yours today, absolutely free.

“In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day, or to celebrate each special day.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru, coach and author

Here’s to a happier, more engaged workplace culture for 4th Quarter 2017 — and into 2018!
Guide to Building an Everyday Culture of Appreciation!

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