Celebrate Springtime with gThankYou!

Celebrate Springtime with gThankYou! Easter ham gifts for your workplace!

Easter ham gifts for your employees, special customers and others in your workplace are the perfect springtime gift to show your appreciation and celebrate the new season!
gThankYou has you covered with affordable, easy-to-share Easter Ham Gift Certificates. Plus, all our Gift Certificates come with free Enclosure Cards, including Easter and Spring-themed designs.
Redeeming gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificates is simple: our Certificates are Manufacturer Coupons, just like the cents-off coupons we all use, so recipients choose the ham they want and redeem their Certificate at checkout just like a Manufacturer Coupon.
A gThankYou! Ham Certificates is good for any brand, any preparation and any size of full or half ham. Recipients choose what’s right for their family and celebration.
Eating a ham at Easter is a tradition going back hundreds of years, as far back as the sixth century. It’s the centerpiece to a big family meal that marks new beginnings and a new season. Your gift will be at the center of the dining table, a delicious symbol of your gratitude!
Easter will be here before you know it. Order your workplace ham gifts now so you can focus in the weeks leading up to Easter on thanking employees and sharing your gifts in a meaningful way.
After all, the best part of sharing gifts is how you share them, and the gratitude you show recipients. Let gThankYou take care of the logistics!

Easter Ham Gifts: The Best Way to Say ‘Thank You’ This Spring

A big roasted ham is a treat we only have the joy of experiencing a couple of times a year, at most.
And it’s that experience you’re giving to the recipients of your Easter ham gifts. A gift of cash is quickly spent and forgotten, and a company coffee mug or other branded gear can too easily end up gathering dust on a shelf somewhere.
But a gift of food, particularly a food that evokes special memories and creates new ones, will be remembered for a long time to come. It’s a token of thanks that your employees will tell their family and friends about.
It’s why one of the best parts of reading holiday recipes is the chef’s introduction — the part that describes the memories and experiences associated with the dish.

In her recipe for “the perfect Easter ham,” the Associated Press’ Elizabeth Karmel writes:

I grew up with my grandmother roasting fresh, white, uncured hams. My best friend’s mother bought a spiral-cut ham every Easter, and to me, it was heavenly. I loved the crunchy, sweet and spicy crust on the ends of the slices.
The first Easter I hosted the meal, I ordered a sweet-glazed, spiral-cut ham. I felt so grown up, and we ate that ham for days.

Your Easter Ham Gift Recipients Get a FREE Cookbook

Free Spring Ham Planner by gThankYou!The options are endless for how to cook and prepare an Easter ham, drawing on culinary traditions from around the world. Plus, even for the basic varieties of Easter ham, there are many ways to glaze, bake and serve it.
That’s why all Easter ham gifts from gThankYou come with a free downloadable cookbook, a “Spring Ham Primer” to help your recipients create the most delicious centerpiece to their holiday meal.
Our “Spring Ham Primer” includes a quick step-by-step guide to preparing a spring ham as well as recipe recommendations and great suggestions for side dishes to pair with it.
It answers basic questions like “What’s the taste difference between a bone-in ham and a boneless ham?” and provides background and guidance to choose a ham at the grocery store, plus carving tips for the table.

Say ‘Thank You’ with gThankYou’s Customizable Enclosure Cards

Free gift enclosure card along with your Easter Ham Gifts!

All gThankYou! Easter ham gifts come with free, customizable Enclosure Cards.

gThankYou Enclosure Cards are free with any purchase.

Choose from dozens of card designs, then give us your personal message for recipients along with your company logo (if desired). We’ll create a proof for you to approve and include the cards with your order — all for FREE!

See our Spring & Summer Designs for the full range of fun seasonal designs.
Want to make your “Thank You” Enclosure Cards even better? Include a personal letter of gratitude to employees. Download our eBook, “How to Write a Thank You Letter to Employees” for tips and real-life examples to inspire your Thank You message any time of year.
Sharing a ham gift for the centerpiece of the Easter meal is a meaningful gift everyone values and appreciates. Your employees, customers and other recipients will remember your thoughtful gift of gratitude, building company loyalty and a culture of gratitude.

FREE Download: Employee Celebration Calendar for Easter and Beyond!

Celebrate kindness and generosity in the workplace all year-long while invigorating your employee recognition planning for the rest of the year! Download gThankYou’s FREE “Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar” today and start building an everyday culture of appreciation employees will love.
We’ve updated our annual day-to-day appreciation calendar with lots of new topics, new case studies and even more holidays and reasons to celebrate! As in previous years, the gThankYou calendar is jam-packed with insights into the latest HR trends, how-to tutorials for engaging and thanking employees, case studies to inspire you, examples of holidays to celebrate each month, and research statistics to help you make the business case for appreciation.
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