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Your business depends on loyal, happy customers — show them the gratitude they deserve with an Easter customer appreciation gift, party or promotion, or a combination of all three!
Thanking customers at holidays is just good business, according to the Small Biz Trends’ article “5 Simple Strategies to Improve Holiday Sales Promotions.”
“Saying ‘Thank You’ is a fine way to show your appreciation to someone you’ve done business with. It sends a clear signal to your customers that you’re looking forward to continuing and building on the relationship that you’ve established with them,” writes Etai Elizur, COO at content marketing agency Inboundjunction.
“Moreover, saying ‘Thank You’ gives you the perfect opportunity to offer special holiday deals that would be of great interest to loyal customers.”
Effective Easter customer appreciation builds on your business relationship, lets customers know you value their business, and shares in the rejuvenating spirit of the Spring season.
“A holiday event gives your business an opportunity to create intimacy and reserve a moment with your customers,” according to Entrepreneur. “When you invite customers to a special event, you’re building relationships the old-fashioned way — with personal, face-to-face contact.”
Read on for Easter customer appreciation ideas for a seasonal “Thank You” customers will remember all year — while still easy and affordable for you.

6 Easter Customer Appreciation Ideas

Sixty-eight percent of customers who take their business elsewhere “leave because they feel the company is indifferent to them,” according to a Business 2 Community small business column:

“Not because of slow service, not because they found a better price somewhere else, but because they don’t feel appreciated.

Don’t lose customers for the lack of a clear “Thank You”!
Try these ideas for easy, affordable Easter customer appreciation:
1. Thank You Letters
Nothing beats putting your gratitude in writing! It makes a great impression. Handwritten notes in particular are keepsakes. For inspiration, check out the Forbes article “How 13,000 Handwritten Thank You Notes Built a Thriving Business.”
2. Customer Appreciation Party
Set out Easter chocolates, cake, fruit salad and a big bowl of punch. Decorate with tinsel, colorful eggs and flowers like white Easter lilies, tulips or azaleas. Play upbeat springtime songs to set the mood.
Live Chat Inc. suggests planning for a 4–hour window of time so customers can stop by at their leisure, even if just for a moment.
gThankYou! Ice Cream Gift Certificate!
“Make sure employees are present as well, so they can enjoy some much–needed non–work time with customers. Making personal connections via casual conversation will only strengthen the business relationships you’ve already formed,” Live Chat Inc. blogger Jessica Thiefels writes.
For a nice touch, hand out door prizes or treat bags for everyone who stops by the party. Include a Gift Certificate for a treat they can share later with family and friends — like a gThankYou! Ice Cream Gift Certificate.
3. Free Hot Coffee and Cookies
Don’t have the time to plan a whole party? No worries! A simple setup with free coffee and cookies at the door will be a welcome greeting to customers coming into your store or office.
Make it even more memorable by enlisting the help of the management team to hand out the cups of coffee and offer cookies. It will delight and impress customers to see company leaders making the time to connect one-on-one.
4. A Personal Phone Call
When was the last time you got a “Thank You” call from a business contact  — not selling anything, not responding to a customer service issue, with no other purpose other than to express appreciation? It’s rare! And that’s all the more reason to do it.
Live Chat Inc.’s Jessica Thiefels explains:

This seems simple, but every customer, especially your needy ones, will love getting a call from the rep they work with just to say “Happy Holidays.” It shows goodwill to customers, increasing loyalty and strengthening the relationship between them and the person they work with within your organization.

5. Treats for Far-Away Customers
gThankYou! Pie Certificate!
If some or all of your customers are remote, they don’t have to miss out on the celebration! Include them in the fun by sharing an Easter holiday treat like pie with a Pie Gift Certificate from gThankyou.
6. Business Promotion with Gift
Looking for a more substantial Easter gift to reward longtime loyal customers? Share a gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificate or Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificate as a promotional “Thank You.” The gift of an Easter ham is meaningful because it’s the centerpiece to a big family meal that celebrates new beginnings and a new season.
All gThankYou Gift Certificates can be redeemed at major groceries nationwide for the brand, preparation and size of specified product your recipient wants.
Plus, you won’t need to worry about finding Thank You cards to accompany your customer appreciation gifts at the last-minute. All gThankYou Gift Certificates come with customized, personalized Gratitude CardsFREE.
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