The gThankYou Team loved, we mean luuuuuvvvved, the article in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune titled “Is g the new W?“.
Tribune writers Nara Schoenberg and  Monica Eng explain to us how “W” has been the ultra-hip letter in recent years, fronting for stylish W Hotels and cooler-than-cool W magazine.
Now, you guessed it, “spunky little lowercase g is making headway in the worlds of design and pop culture”.

The gThankYou Team, with our 100% amateur-developed name, loves hearing the “news”.
The Trib quotes others as saying “‘g” is for green, grow, genuine, global, genius, grace, generous, golly gee” and more.  We’d like to add “grateful” to that list, which was our inspiration.
Of course we’ve always thought we’re hip and cool and cutting edge and all that stuff.  What we really hope we are is  enduring, meaningful and appreciated.
You decide.
In the meantime we’re following the discussion, gleefully.
gThankYou!, again.

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