National Dairy Month is winding down here in America’s Dairyland, a month in which we celebrate all things milk related. There were gigantic breakfasts served on farms across the state during June weekends, each showcasing the best dairy products produced right here behind the Cheddar Curtain. (Ice cream sundae for breakfast anyone?)
To create a real grilling adventure, and in honor of dairy month this year, I decided last weekend to try my hand at actually grilling our Grilled Cheese sandwich. Why not? The best Grilled Cheese from our kitchen is done on a cast iron grill pan made to mimic a grill grate. Besides, most things just taste better when done on a grill. I think Martha Stewart says it best:

“The tastiest grilled-cheese sandwiches aren’t prepared in the kitchen in a frying pan. They’re made on a grill.”

Equipped with the finest cheese, bread and butter we could find on our local grocer’s shelves, I set to the task. I spread the coals to one side of our Webber grill, thinking the indirect heat method would grill our sandwich to perfection. Buttering the external side of each bread slice, I placed Marieke Gouda cheese, thin-sliced tomatoes and a thick slice of ham between them and placed it on our grill.
It only took about two minutes per side, and was, indeed, the best grilled twist on a classic that I think we’ve discovered so far. Include any of your favorite ingredients: smoked turkey and grilled veggies are on my list of next items to include.
If you need a little more instruction, there are some sites that take you through the steps:

Happy Dairy Month! Enjoy and please send us your best grilling adventure.

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