THanksgiving High-Five: Virtual Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is America’s holiday of gratitude. It will never be canceled. But it will be different this year. Smaller gatherings, no travel and reunions going on-line. 

In these times, gratitude means more than ever. Your staff has conquered unprecedented challenges we never imagined. Your team deserves all the recognition you can offer.

Unite in a Spirit of Gratitude

If your workplace family can’t be together in person this year, have you considered a virtual Thanksgiving event?

Colleagues have grown accustomed to meeting and socializing via platforms like Zoom. According to Business of Apps, Zoom was seeing 200 million daily meeting participants in March 2020 and 300 million in April. The week of Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to bring together your remote workplace community for some online warmth, positivity and gratitude.

Host a Virtual Thanksgiving Event for Your Workplace Family

There are many ways to share your appreciation remotely:

  • Host a meeting on Zoom (or your platform of choice) in which people share what they’re grateful for, and company leaders express their gratitude to employees.

  • Have leadership write (by hand, if possible) thank you notes to share with employees. (It’s easier than you think. Get our best note-writing tips here.)

Download your free Ultimate Turkey Cookbook for your virtual Thanksgiving event!

  • Share Thanksgiving recipes digitally. (Share our free turkey cookbook here:  “The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide.”)

  • Encourage employees to share pictures of Thanksgiving decorations or stories of favorite traditions. (We’ve always loved Lisa’s Thanksgiving story – you will too.)

  • Give Gift Certificates for a turkey or a gift basket for a complete meal.


Be sure not to let the details of a virtual event deter you – keep it simple and fun, and don’t underestimate the gesture.

Share the Gift of a Thanksgiving Turkey

The tradition of giving delicious Thanksgiving turkeys to employees stretches back more than a century. This year, it’s impractical to distribute frozen turkeys, but you can still help put the centerpiece on employees’ tables with gThankYou Turkey Certificates.

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At gThankYou, we provide the ease and means to give Thanksgiving turkeys and hams to employees, remote or not. Our gift certificates are a meaningful, appreciated and practical gift. Recipients can use their certificate to buy the brand of turkey they they want, where and when they want.

There’s still time left to order your Certificates of Gratitude. Most orders ship the day they are placed. You can choose delivery early as tomorrow!

Kicking off the Holidays

Consider how you want to use a virtual Thanksgiving into a transition into the end of the year. The gift-giving season looks differently this year. Yet gratitude-sharing is more important than ever.

Seriously consider a employee holiday letter of gratitude this year, or if management prefers an all-company gratitude-centered online event. Employees need to hear senior management’s appreciation for all their efforts over the past unprecedented year and the challenging Covid-centered winter ahead.

Should you need inspiration, try our free ebook full of examples of real company holiday letters of employee appreciation. We’ve been inspiring workplace leaders to share gratitude for years!

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Learn More Today!

gThankYou provides workplace leaders with gift certificates for meaningful yet practical gifts such as a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas ham. The gift of food is universally appreciated especially when it’s given in the spirit of gratitude and evokes the rich traditions of Thanksgiving or other beloved holidays.

Contact us for pricing and to learn more: 888-484-1658 or

We wish you and your colleagues a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving season!

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