At one week to Thanksgiving, I’m all about the list. Every year I rely on them to guide me through the process of planning and implementing our favorite family gathering. I even save them from year to year to help me remember which sides we  switched and how big our turkey was, etc.
Why keep lists? Simple. Thanksgiving done well involves organizational know-how and moxie. This is no time to fly by the seat of your pants, folks. My standard set of checklists: Shopping, guest and menu.
My Thanksgiving list obsession is not that unusual. Consider these list suggestions:

This year, I’m also trying out a few apps, eager to see how they can help. I’ve downloaded iFeast,  and CHOW’s Thanksgiving Coach for starters. I’ll give you my thoughts post Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, here are some reviews on the best Thanksgiving Apps:

And, just for fun, here’s McSweeney’s archived list of Thanksgiving Lists with such favorites as “Unpleasant Questions to be Asked at the End of a Meal,” and, “Reason for Celebrating Every Major Holiday with the In-Laws, According to my Mother-In-Law.”
Enjoy! And please add your best list tips and Thanksgiving app suggestions.

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