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Keeping up with employee engagement blogs is a great way to stay inspired and informed. (Image via flickr.com/orvice)

Before you pack the cooler and head out camping or to a picnic this Memorial Day weekend, take some time to queue up these inspiring, thought-provoking employee engagement blogs in your RSS feed.
We love reading about what’s engaging the people whose job it is to engage employees.
Here are 20 of our current favorite employee engagement blogs, listed in alphabetical order. Happy reading — and please share in the comment section any of your favorites not listed!
The Chief Happiness Officer Blog — This is Danish author Alexander Kjerulf’s home base on the Internet while he travels the world — from Moscow, Russia to Santiago, Chile — giving speeches on happiness in the workplace. He’s entertaining, insightful and clear. He’ll often post a quick blog just to share an interesting quote he’s heard, or a video from one of his talks.
ConantLeadership —Douglas Conant is a bestselling author and keynote speaker with more than 35 years of experience leading global companies. His writing is often personal and even poetic. He lives and breathes workplace gratitude.  Doug recently shared a story about what he learned from getting fired earlier in his career, in 1984.
Employee Success Blog — Powered by Achievers, a cloud-based employee recognition and engagement platform, this blog examines analytics, hiring practices and compelling case studies of employee engagement.
Fistful of Talent — Updated frequently, Fistful of Talent is a group blog that tackles current issues of talent management. It’s often irreverent and always on point. For a self-described “mature” discussion of HR issues, check out Fistful of Talent’s podcasts or download The CYA Report app here.
China Gorman — China Gorman is an HR veteran with decades of experience and currently the CEO of Great Places to Work. Every Tuesday, she digs into the latest HR-related data for discussion and new insights.
Greater Good, The Science of a Meaningful Life — The researchers behind Greater Good explore the science behind gratitude, mindfulness, compassion and happiness. These emotions don’t just feel good; they’re the weathervanes of workplace culture and make a big difference in employee engagement.
gThankYou’s Celebrating Work — Don’t mind if we toot our own horn! On this blog, we’re all about drawing inspiration from the latest and best ideas out there on employee engagement and recognition, building a culture of gratitude and celebrating great workplaces.
HR Bartender — Like any good bartender, HR consultant Sharlyn Louby is welcoming: “Pull up a stool and order your favorite drink . . . the bar is always open.” Workplace issues of all stripes are what everyone’s talking about at this friendly virtual bar, with Louby leading the discussion.
Hppy Apps — Hppy Apps is an employee engagement tool that enables companies to track and manage employee happiness, through mood tracking and anonymous feedback. The company blog is fresh and fun, drawing on the latest research as well as a little pop culture (Game of Thrones fans will want to check out this recent post).
Kevin Kruse — Besides drawing on a wealth of personal and hands-on research knowledge, serial entrepreneur, author, Forbes contributor and employee engagement junkie Kevin Kruse keeps tabs on the latest articles, blogs and other media related to engagement and shares them on his website. If you want to keep up on what’s topical in leadership, be sure to check out Kevin’s LinkedIn group, Wholehearted Leadership.
Leadership Freak — Leadership expert Dan Rockwell will get your mind moving in less time than it takes to eat a doughnut or wait for your morning coffee to cool. His blog posts are freakishly succinct and smart, each at 300 words or less.
Rob Markey, HBR Blog Network — Author Rob Markey, partner and director at Bain New York, writes a very readable and relatable Harvard Business Review blog about employee engagement, with a special focus on customer service and strategy.
Recognize This! — Derek Irvine, author of Winning with a Culture of Recognition, takes a big-picture look at engagement and how it fits into an overall healthy workplace culture. Besides the blog on his website, he also keeps a tab of what he’s reading — an interesting glimpse into his influences.
Stanford Center for Compassion and Altruism — Researchers such as Dr. Emma Seppala collaborate on blog posts for this site, the home of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. Widely published, Seppala is a leader in research on topics of health psychology, resilience and compassion and the effects of meditation on social connection.
Steve Boese’s HR Technology — Boese is a technology consultant with a chatty, personable and prolific blog that breathes life into wide-ranging HR tech topics such as wellness programs, social media and talent management. Reading his posts feels like hanging out with a knowledgeable, funny friend.
Switch & Shift — This group blog addresses “the human way to do business”, focusing on how to make work more meaningful. It boasts a long list of thought-leader contributors, including Dan Newman, Rebel Brown and Meghan Biro.  Download their free Work That Matters app and take your learning mobile with a library of thought-provoking podcasts hosted by Co-Founder Shawn Murphy.
Talent Culture — Speaking of Meghan Biro, her company Talent Culture publishes frequent and timely blog posts on a wide range of HR-related topics: workplace culture and innovation, career management, technology, social learning, talent management and leadership. Guest experts are routinely invited to contribute and often showcased on the weekly, popular Talent Culture Talk Radio show hosted by Meghan and partner-in-crime Kevin W. Grossman. Don’t miss the fun – Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. (ET) followed by a robust Twitter chat #TChat.
TLNT: The Business of HR — On the newsier end of the blogging spectrum, TLNT sets itself apart with original info and ideas, often sparked by current events, ongoing court cases or other news analysis. TLNT is also a great source for comprehensive, quality roundups of content from the HR blogosphere.
TribeHR — This social HR software company keeps a blog covering a diverse range of HR topics and isn’t afraid to dig deep and get analytical.
David Zinger — Zinger is an author (People Artistry at Work) and is founder and host of the Employee Engagement Network on Ning. The network has more than 6,300 members. Truly a thought leader on the topic, Zinger wrote a staggering 1,500 blog posts on employee engagement between 2005 and April 2014. He’s collected them all into a free eBook (PDF), available to view or download here.
That rounds out 20 of our favorite employee engagement blogs. What are yours?
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