This is the first in a series describing some of the great ways our customers distribute gThankYou® Gift Certificates to employees. They’re touching, inspiring, thankful, often funny and just plain effective.

When gThankYou does our year-end wrap-up calls with customers we always ask:

1.  “How did you distribute gThankYou® Gift Certificates to employees?”


2.  “How did it go?”

The responses are always revealing. Often they illustrate great creativity, sense of purpose and, of course, gratitude.

One thing customers often ask us: “How do other companies distribute your Gift Certificates?”

We chose to make this our first blog on this topic because it’s simple, easy and effective.

The Background. The Company was closing out a difficult year. Sale were down slightly, but less than the rest of the industry. An exciting new product was about to be introduced; it had huge potential. The Company had also overhauled its website. The new website required the help of all departments and touched everyone in the Company. It may be a big sales booster for the Company.

The President doesn’t like to give awards or gifts to individual employees, relying instead on a team-oriented approach. Still, she wanted to recognize the individuals and departments that had led the new product and website efforts.

How did she do it? Simply and elegantly.

The Payoff. She began by explaining it was a difficult year; that things were worse for competitors; that the sales force had shown its ability to out-hustle national competitors in a down market. And more:

  • The whole Company had contributed to out-performing the market and laying the groundwork, in tough times, for a better future;
  • That the new product and website were major accomplishments and the leaders of these initiatives had shown what a great, resourceful company can do.
  • That the company is fortunate to have a great workforce and that the successful new initiatives wouldn’t be possible without major personal commitments from all departments and everyone’s families.

“That’s why”, she said “we want each of our families to celebrate our success knowing better times that will surely come.” She went on to explain how gThankYou Turkey Gift Certificates work.
Next, she personally handed the Gift Certificates to the two Department Heads who led the new product and website development projects, giving them indirect, but prominent recognition.
After that, the two Department Heads presented the Gift Certificates to their teams.
Finally, the new product and website teams handed the Gift Certificates to remaining employees.
There were lots of hugs, plenty of laughs, a few tears.
All-in-all it was a very successful “gThankYou!”
The Bottom Line. Simple, powerful, emotional, effective, memorable.

Rick Kiley is President of gThankYou, LLC, a Madison, WI based seller of employee gift certificates best known for gThankYou® Turkey Gift CertificatesTurkey Gift Cards and Ham Gift Certificates.

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